Renee Blare

Renee Blare loves to read and write books. She is a multi-published Christian mystery and suspense author for Prism Book Group, an affiliate of Pelican Ventures. 

She lives in eastern Wyoming, nestled against the gorgeous Wyoming Black Hills with her husband, crazy dog and ornery cat. A pharmacist of over twenty years, Renee finds herself home adjusting to a new life. . . the life of the disabled. Diagnosed in 2018 with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, she spends her days searching for donations to pay for the training, gear, and care of her young Great Pyrenees pup, Bo.

Writing is a struggle and although she hasn't published since before her diagnosis, Renee has every intention of returning to the world of fiction and wants to try her hand at children's books as her habilitation continues. She loves to interact with readers and invites you check her blogs and social media.

Since her debut in 2015 with The Beast of Stratton, Renee publishes with Prism Book Group. She has subsequently released the first two books in her Snowy Range Chronicles, To Soar on Eagle's Wings and Through Raging Waters followed by two distinct series novellas, Racing Hearts and Crazy Woman Christmas. You can pick up one of her books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords,, or any of your favorite outlets.

She specializes in small town suspense and is known for her simple but artistic writing style. In the words of one Amazon reviewer, "She writes as if painting beautiful, meaningful word art. The weather, scenery, emotions, pain, laughter....all are so very real. She does this so 'easily' without the 'props' of bad language or inappropriate behaviour."

Renee invites you to discover more about Wyoming, service dogs, and her mission to spread awareness about CRPS. Join Renee's Hunt for Freedom! If you wish to help Renee with her endeavor, please donate via the links below or go to her website at the link provided.

Renee's Hunt for Freedom Website:

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Renee appreciates and thanks you for any gift you can offer, $5, $10, $20. Together, we can take one step at a time and reach this goal to freedom!

She writes to spread the hope and strength of the Lord. After all, He's there even when you can't see, feel, or hear Him. Have faith!

Connect with Renee at her blog or through social media. 

Amazon Author Page
Tumblr: The  Journey

Here's some sneak peeks of the books...that trailers. Enjoy.

               Beast of Stratton Book Trailer

To Soar on Eagle's Wings Book Trailer

                                                                                              Through Raging Waters Book Trailer

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