Jill Chapman

Jill resides in Southern Indiana with her husband of forty-two years. They enjoy their country lifestyle and visiting with their children and grandchildren. Her life centers around her family and her yellow lab, Indy. She is an avid movie watcher, loves Mexican food and watercolor painting.

     She hosts The Mighty Pen, an eclectic writer’s group for people in various stages of their writing careers. She has self-published the first in a series of homeschool books to assist parents new to home education. Her short story, A Penny for Your Thoughts, was published in Small Town Living, March 2020.

Jill’s interest in books began in her childhood, where reading provided a wonderful outlet for her wild imagination. She loves to tell stories about her life experiences with humor mixed in to convey the sense of adventure she feels every day. Jill says her life is like a good plate of nachos, a tiny kick of spice, and a whole lotta cheese. 

Please visit Jill's website @: https://authorjillchapman.com/

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