Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Welcome to the Mine of Christian Fiction

Welcome! We are the Rough Diamond Writers.

Let me introduce you to the miners...

Renee Blare
Renee is a contemporary Christian writer of romance and suspense. When she's not busy working as a pharmacist, she loves spending time outdoors. She weaves faith and hope into the fabric of her fiction...where the wild meets the Forgiven. Her first book, To Soar on Eagles Wings is scheduled to be published by Prism Book Group in March of 2015.

Nancy Bolton
Nancy Bolton is a Christian writer who loves the Lord.  A wife of 41 years, she's a mother of five sons and has two beautiful grandchildren. Her portfolio includes poetry, song lyrics, short stories, non-fiction and fiction works. Women's fiction is her lastest endeavor, and she writes quite the variety from contemporary and historical romance to fantasy. Above all, she strives to show how God changes human lives in both the huge and tiny ways. Soon to be published in September, The Right Ingredients by Prism Book Group! 

 Amryn Cross

Amryn Cross (Amory Cannon) is a writer of Christian romance and suspense as well as young adult. With a blend of dust and shadows, all of her books contain the message of grace and the love of God. Her debut novel, Learning to Die will be released in September 2014 by Desert Breeze Publishing.

Misty Russon
Our fourth miner is Misty, a mother of six and a lover of storms, although she spends more time chasing the two-legged kind than her dream, the tornado. Awed by the Lord's majesty and power, and how He shows it in this world, she snaps pictures of His handiwork as well as sprinkles pages with His love in the hope of one day seeing her name on a cover. In fact, she's writing a story on her blog right now. Check it out here

Peggy Trotter 
Schoolteacher by day, Christian author by night... and loving every minute of it. Peggy Trotter loves to write about the Lord. From contemporary to historical romance, her characters find themselves in impossible situations relying on a wondrous God. Due to be published by Prism Book Group in April 2015, watch for Year of Jubilee from this miner!

Erin Unger
Illustrating children's books is one of Erin's many gifts. She's also a Christian writer of romance and suspense. Through the pen, she edifies and encourages those turning the pages to keep trekking forward for our Savior Jesus Christ.

Welcome to the Diamond Mine. Let's start digging!