Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Merry Christmas from The Diamond Mine

Hi everyone, Suzie here with you again. This week's post is different than what you're used to because, honestly, I lost track of the schedule and thought I was supposed to post later in the month! Since I hadn't heard back from either author I had reach out to about visiting with us this month (with the wrong date, anyway), I thought I'd take this time to say how much we appreciate each and every one of you. 

Because as authors, we wouldn't be anywhere without readers. And as authors, it means the world to us if our story impacts just one reader. When you stop by and say hi, share how much you are looking forward to a book or how much you enjoyed one of our author's books, it makes a difference. So thank you, readers.
Thank you for picking up our books. Thank you for sharing our books. Thank you for encouraging us online and, when occasions allow, in person. And thank you for spreading the word through reviews, social media posts, and word of mouth.

I want to pray for all of you this week. With the holiday hustle and bustle, sometimes we forget that there are hurting people out there. It's something that's been heavy on my heart lately. So whatever you are dealing with in your lives, this is for you.

Abba Father, 

During this season when we celebrate the sacrifice You made by sending Your son as a vulnerable babe knowing what His future held, may we take time to focus on the greatest gift we will ever receive. 

Today we lift up those who are hurting . Whether it's an empty place at the table because a loved one has passed away or spending the holidays in the hospital, financial struggles and worries about keeping a home, relationships in turmoil, or spiritual darkness, we give it all to You. Grant us peace in our pain, bring people into our lives to comfort us when we feel alone, and use us to be lights to those who don't know You.

As another year comes to a close, may we lean on You when we are beaten down and defeated by circumstances. May we praise You for the good times. May we live courageously real lives of faith so that others see Your love through us.

We ask all of this in your name,


If you need someone to pray for you or if you have a request, please leave it in the comments. You don't have to give details and you can simply leave the word "unspoken" if you are more comfortable with that. God knows what's on your hearts and minds.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Crimes and Christmas with Anita Klumpers

Brrr…It’s a chilly here at the Diamond Mine! Grab a mug of something warm. I’ve got my hands wrapped around a cup of green tea. Help yourself to the virtual buffet of hot chocolate, tea (black, green, or Earl Grey), coffee (decaf or regular), or Russian Tea (Yum, recipe link below!) I hope you’ve got your tree up, artificial or real, with all of its ornaments and lights to usher in a blessed season of peace and joy. A time of celebrating the birth of the Christ Child. The Savior of the Universe.
Let me add some sugar to my tea and introduce something sweet for you readers to enjoy. An interview with author, Anita Klumpers! And she has a Christmasy treat for us! So grab an afghan, a good fuzzy one that smells like Heaven, and snuggle up and meet my author!

Anita is giving away an e-book copy of Christmas Passed!

PT: Welcome Anita! So excited that you are joining us on the Mine. Let’s stir up the important questions first. What launched you into writing?

AK: I’d written a lot of skits but wanted to challenge myself to try to develop a plot in a full-length novel. It only took five years and a zillion rewrites, but Winter Watch was finally published in 2014.

PT: What about books turns your crank?

AK: Huh. Good question. Like a lot of women my age I enjoy nearly-bloodless mysteries and suspense novels with a little romance and not too much creepiness. Books that stay with me are the ones with deep, rich plots, lots of character development and something to make me think. “Fahrenheit 451” and “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Frankenstein” stick with me.  Mary Stewart, Agatha Christie, Louise Penney, Patricia Wentworth are perennial favorites.

PT:  I simply love the cover of your book. What genre is Christmas Passed?

AK: Suspense/romance
And a quick blurb:

Dinah loves Christmas. She loves history, the old Wagner House, and the elderly women working to preserve its heritage. She loves almost everything except Mick Wagner, her childhood nemesis.
But if they want to save the Wagner House and solve a mystery that's been hiding in the attic for almost eighty years, they'll have to join forces. And they have to do it quickly, before one of them dies trying.

PT: I love the thought of the attic holding old crimes. Intriguing. And I'm intrigued to know if you have your tree up yet?

AK: Yes! Whew! Just waiting for my youngest (now age 26) to put the angel on top. It’s a tradition. Since he is now 6’4” my husband no longer has to lift him far to do it.

PT: Wow, I would say not! Now tell us, what keeps you writing books?

AK: Good question. Hmmm. It usually starts as a challenge to myself, and to keep up appearances with my writers’ group. Then I get to genuinely love the people and locations in the stories and I want to spend time getting to know them and “living” with them.

PT: Uh-huh. (sip) Where are you steering towards next with your writing?

AK: Towards completion! I am such a pokey writer! I have several manuscripts in the works, all sort of in the suspense/romance/mystery category. It would be nice to get some submitted soon, and hopefully accepted.

PT: Tell me 5 things fast about Anita Klumpers that have nothing to do with writing.

1) Coffee and water are the world’s greatest beverages.
2) I have 3 sons, 5 grandsons, 1 granddaughter and SIX (count ‘em. six) American Girl dolls
3) We were a homeschooling family, not because I had issues with traditional education or school systems, but because I really enjoyed having my boys around. They are all grown up and successful and we’re all still close. Praise God!
4) Want to know anything about Perry Mason? Feel free to ask me!
5) (This is hard. I’m getting paranoid that I must be incredibly dull.) One daughter-in law is a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) and I adore her parents. So, I have been slowly, painfully trying to teach myself sign language for years now. It is a beautiful language!

PT: Ah, yes. The coffee. Need some more, Anita? And you most certainly are not dull! Tell us what Bible verse is dear to your heart right now?

AK: Lamentations 3: 22-23. Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Thy faithfulness.”

PT: Ahhh. What a lovely verse! That might be handy in this rush-rush of Christmas preparations. Thanks for being with us today, Anita. It's been a delight to chat with you. Here are the links to find Anita's book: Pssst: it's only $.99 right now, so grab you a deal!

But, of course, Anita is giving away one free book to a lucky reader. Please leave your email in the comments to be entered.

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