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Toni Shiloh Interview and Giveaway

I’m so happy to introduce you all to Toni Shiloh! She’s a wonderful friend and fellow writer. Her newest book, The Trouble With Love, recently released, and it's an excellent read. Let's jump right in and see what she has to say.

Being a writer is a busy life, isn’t it? I’m sure you’re working on something new to intrigue your readers. What’s in the works for you right now?

I’m working on a few novellas. The one I’m currently writing is a Christmas novella and will be in a box set available this fall. I can’t wait to share the story with my readers. 

Do you ever base your characters off real people?

No. I may pull little pieces here and there, but no character is based off a real person. I’d be terrified of doing them an injustice.  

Do you have a set writing time every day or do you write in a more organic way?

I have a time period I work in. Some days I may be able to start writing earlier if my to-do list gets scratched off earlier and some days I have to write a little bit later if distractions prove too much. 

What is the nicest encouragement a reader ever sent you?

Honestly, I’m not sure I could pick just one. I do know that when I get them, they always come at the right time. Either I’m in the midst of battling feels that my writing is terrible, or I’ve read a bad review that I can’t shake. Whatever it was, I’ve received a note from a reader who sees right into the heart of my story and it’s like a God wink. 

What are the most number of words you’ve ever written in one day?

Good question. I think it was a little over 5,000. One day I hope to be able to pull a 10k day.

Toni is giving away an eBook of her newest book The Trouble with Love to one blessed winner who comments below. Email address is required to be entered into her giveaway.

Author bio –

Toni Shiloh is a wife, mom, and multi-published Christian contemporary romance author. She writes to bring God glory and to learn more about His goodness. Her novel, Grace Restored, was a 2019 Holt Medallion finalist and Risking Love is a 2020 Selah Award finalist.

A member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and of the Virginia Chapter, Toni seeks to help readers find authors. She loves connecting with readers and authors alike via social media. You can learn more about her writing at

The Trouble With Love Blurb –

I, Holiday Brown, have it all. A platinum record. Multi-million dollar home in Manhattan that I share with my two best friends. Life is looking fantastic until my roommate’s brother decides to bunk in our guestroom while his house gets renovated.

W. Emmett Bell has always been the bane of my existence. He’s annoying, stubborn, a know it all, and just might be the most gorgeous man I’ve ever laid eyes on. But I refuse to fall for him. Then his sister’s threatened by a stalker and dynamics change. His unwavering faith isn’t quite as self-righteous as I’d always thought, and maybe he has a good side I’ve overlooked all these years.

Or maybe it’s all too much trouble.

The Trouble With Love is the first book in the Christian Chick Lit series: Faith & Fortune

Endorsements —

“In her iconic soulful fashion, Toni Shiloh has penned another heartfelt page-turner...this time with a dash of suspense thrown in!"- Sarah Monzon, award-winning author of Finders Keepers

“Swoony, sweet and a little sassy, The Trouble with Love is Toni Shiloh's best novel yet! A beautiful story of friendship, romance, and brokenness meeting grace.” – Carrie Schmidt, Reading is my Superpower

“In The Trouble With Love, Toni Shiloh offers a fresh take on modern romance that will twirl you about the New York City high life, yet still manages to keep the characters completely relatable with their fears, longings, and faith struggles. The romance between Holiday and Emmett is flirty, fun, and completely squeal-inducing. Enjoy this escape from everyday life and dive into Shiloh’s world of faith and fortune!” – Janine Rosche, author of This Wandering Heart

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'Tis the Season for Author Toni Shiloh

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! 

Well…maybe not! But I always think mid-summer is a great time to re-visit those Christmas books, a Christmas in Summer sort of thing! And, I have the perfect romance for you by an amazing author. I have Toni Shiloh hanging out with me in the sleigh, and she has a little wrapped gift just for you! So deck your halls and fa-la-la yourself while social distancing, and wrap yourself in a warm blanket with the air-conditioning on high (and maybe that fireplace DVD???) and get to know our author’s most close-kept holiday secrets!

PT: Welcome, Toni! A blessed summer Christmas to you. The readers are sipping sweet mint hot chocolate, anxious to learn all about you. So,tell us your genre and how you became an author.
TS: I write Christian contemporary romance because I love all things romance. I’ve always been a big fan of reading and when I got older, I decided I really wanted to honor God by writing. And here we are. 😊

PT: Hallelujah for that! We’re featuring, I’ll Be Home, hence the corny Christmas vernacular. Where is I’ll Be Home set and does the heroine have anything in common with you? (One eyebrow raises to the brim of my Santa hat.)
TS: I set the book in Washington, D.C. because I thought it would be fun to change the pace from small town to a bigger and well-known city. The heroine doesn’t have anything in common with me, LOL, so it was fun to write her and discover who she was.

PT: Interesting. Where did the idea of this story come from?
TS: I keep seeing a woman having to go home but dreading the reasons. From there I had to brainstorm a little and ask questions to find out why anyone wouldn’t want to go home for the holidays. Then the idea began to take shape and voilà.

PT: Don’t you love brainstorming the possibilities of a novel? Is there a Biblical theme/lesson in your book?
TS: I always try to include a lesson in every book I write. I wanted Starr to realize that she was enough. That she didn’t have to be like her siblings to be special. The faith is light but there and guiding the way.

PT: A very important message for most women. Being enough. Favorite holiday, color, gift?
TS: My favorite holiday is probably Easter with Christmas being a close second. I love the color pink and the best gift I ever received was an e-reader.

PT: E-readers are the bomb late at night. Not even the tree lights are necessary. Let’s go to reviews, the stuff by which we writers live for. Paraphrase the best book review you’ve ever received.
TS: It was from another author, and she listed everything she loved about the book which happened to be the things I loved as well.

PT: Where do you settle in to write? Tea, Coffee, or other for writing?
TS: I usually write in bed, but I just got a new chair I’m hoping will be the new place to spin my stories. In the wintertime, I always have some hot tea to drink. In the warmer months, usually water.

PT: My favorite! Name 5 things fast about Toni Shiloh that have nothing to do with writing.
1. Dallas Cowboys fan
2. Pen hoarder
3. Earrings collector
4. Always have my nails painted
5. Always have a book within reach.

PT: A book within reach. That is practically life itself. So, what’s your next project? Adding to the Lewis Family Series?
TS: I will be adding to the Lewis Family series. I’m giving Starr’s sister, Angel, a story. 😊

PT: You just got a sneak peek of Christian Author, Toni Shiloh, readers! Perhaps you need a silent night, cuddled up with your e-reader, eyes fastened on Toni’s I’ll Be Home beaming from the screen? Then here’s your link to get it right now! (Pssst! It’s only $1.99!~what a deal! And what a beautiful cover!)

click here:
I'll Be Home by Toni Shiloh

What could be worse than being laid off right before the holidays? For Starr Lewis that list would include returning home jobless, single, and, oh yeah, just in time to attend her sister's wedding on Christmas Eve to Starr's ex-boyfriend. But life finally decides to be kind to her and her brother's best friend, Waylon Emmerson, soon has her wondering if she can take another chance on love.

Toni is giving away one copy of I'll Be Home to one lucky person who comments below with your email!

Want to catch up with Toni? Here's where you can find her:

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Interview with Mary Manners with Giveaway

It is with extreme pleasure to share my interview with Mary Manners.
She has graciously offered to give away Miracle Cove: The Collection
Be sure and read to the end to find out how to enter for your chance to win.

Thank you for coming to The Diamond Mine. I am so happy to have you and to promote you and your writing. Pray you find this  interview fun and a blessing.

Mary: I’m so happy to be here today on The Diamond Mine. Thanks a bunch for hosting me!

I have been a long-time fan of Mary Manners stories. They are charming. I tell her they are Hallmark able.  Let’s learn a bit more about this wonderful author. Mary, would you mind telling us who your biggest influence is on your life?

Mary: I would have to say that my dad had the biggest influence on my life. He taught me to work hard, and to believe in myself and never give up. He loved the outdoors and I do, as well. Dad gave me advice that I have carried through life: If you’re going to do a job, do it right. I try to live by this every day.

Most dads are extra special, aren’t they? Yours sounds like a wise, loving man. Much like our Father in heaven. What was your occupation before writing?

Mary: I was a teacher and school principal for 31 years as my ‘day job’ while I was also growing my writing platform. I started out teaching special-needs children and then moved to elementary and middle school. I finished my career as an intermediate school principal. I have so many great memories of my days in the classroom!

Special – needs children have a special place in my heart. I’d wanted to teach them from the time I was in third grade. What a joy they are. I’m sure any student who knew you was blessed just by that beautiful smile of yours. Do you have any hidden talents?

Mary: I love to sing. I think I get this talent from my mom, who sang in the community theatre in Chicago when she was a teenager. She loved musicals and used to sing all the time as she did her chores around the house. I love Christian music and do my best singing to these faith-filled songs.

My husband used to tell us we had to sing our complaints, it’s hard to stay upset when your singing. Unfortunately, I have not a musical bone in my body. Lol. Would you mind telling us when your most productive brainstorming time might be?

Mary: I love to wake up early in the morning, before the sun is up, when it is quiet, and the entire world seems still and new. It’s then that I do my very best brainstorming. A cup of flavored coffee helps, too.

Everything is new every morning. I love that Promise from our Father. Do you use a storyboard while you write?

Mary: No. I write my books by hand and then edit as I type. I love this blend of old-fashioned and modern, and it works well for me!

There aren’t many these days who still write by hand first. I still like a good old pencil and paper for writing as well. Do you have a life verse?

Mary: “When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a thousand weeds or a thousand wishes.” This reminds me to always look for the positive in every situation. It’s been a huge help to me in tough times.

I love this quote! It is so true how we view things, makes a difference. What do you hope your writing leaves the reader with?

Mary: It is my greatest hope that my stories leave readers with a sense of hope. I think our lives are like a canvas, with imperfections that can be made into works of beauty if we only keep trying, learning, and improving. With God all things are possible, and tomorrow brings new opportunities.

Mary, I have no doubt your stories do this and much more for your readers. They bless my heart every time. This interview has been a blessing for me as well. Thank you again for joining me on The Diamond Mine. May you be blessed with His SONshine.

Mary: Thanks so much for joining me today. I am honored to share my story with you!

Mary has graciously offered to give away a book collection. Mary, what do folks need to do to enter?

Mary:  I would love to give away a copy of Miracle Cove: The Collection. Readers can enter by sharing their favorite inspirational quote.

Miracle Cove: The Collection

 If you like sweet small-town Southern romance, then you’ll love these faith-filled stories set in the beautiful Smoky Mountain foothills of East Tennessee. Four Heartwarming Christian Romance Books that will leave you smiling with a renewed sense of hope! BOOKS INCLUDED IN THIS SET: Mischief in Miracle Cove Secrets in Miracle Cove A Miracle Cove Reunion Christmas in Miracle Cove Plus...a special sneak peek into Honeysuckle Cove: The Collection

You can purchase Mary’s books:

Mary Manners lives in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee with her husband Tim and their rescue dog Axel, mischievous cats Colby and Rascal, a flock of chickens, and an aquarium teeming with fish.
Mary writes small-town family romances laced with faith, hope, and humor. Her books have earned multiple accolades including two Inspirational Reader’s Choice Awards, the Gail Wilson Award of Excellence, the Aspen Gold, the Heart of Excellence, and the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award.
Mary loves long sunrise runs, Smoky Mountain sunsets, flavored coffee, and chocolate…lots of chocolate.

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