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Breaking news. It's happening here first. The cover reveal of my newest book! It's the second novel in the Unchained Souls Series. It releases Nov. 1, 2018. It will soon be up for a pre-order, so stay tuned!

Here's the blurb:

Within the cozy coastal town…secrets abound. Stormi Zobroski’s life is finally on track. Her immoral life decisions, stemming from a dysfunctional childhood, are nothing but a bad memory. New town, new life. Or so she thinks. When a new friend, Ake Pearson, is belittled, Stormi conjures up the perfect plan. Yet, how could a little face-saving kiss cause so much harm? Now, she will do anything to fix it.
Ake Pearson is a simple man. Faith, family, and fishing. Even if everybody calls him “Dummy,” he’s content with his lot. Only when Stormi thunders into his life does he realize what he is missing. Family disapproval and misunderstandings threaten to tear Stormi from him. But when a long kept secret surfaces, Ake may lose his very life.

Deep in the Smoky Mountains. . .secrets abound. Jerrica Rankin doesn't know who she is. But she's certain she isn't the woman in the wedding photo. So who is the stranger on her porch gripping this incriminating picture? How will Jerrica conquer her panic attacks and find her identity to prove he's wrong? Brock Langston buried his wife three years ago. But he finds her, deep in the Smokey Mountains, very much alive and denying who she is. How could she have forgotten their relationship and why didn't anyone contact him? Is Jerrica really his wife? Or an impostor?

And check out the great cover:

Reviving Jules, debuted in October 2015. It's a contemporary Christian Romance. I really love sharing stories where people have sunk to rock bottom. It's then they begin to understand the only way out is to look up. That's when the Lord reaches down, or maybe it's actually when we start to realize his hand has been there the whole time! Either way, it's the beginning of a new life sculpted and shaped by God himself. A better future. A new chance. If you love those stories like I do, you'll love Reviving Jules

Lastly, I'd love to share my debut book with you! It hit the shelves on April 10th, 2015. It's a historical Christian Romance entitled, Year of Jubilee. But, as with all my novels, it has so much more than just girl falls for boy, boy falls for girl story line.
Gotta tell you, it was a project that took about six years to publication.  What a ride.  Take a look. Here's the back blurb, too. And for your shopping convenience, lol, it's linked to Amazon! :)
(Also~(shhhhh!) there is some talk of a second book to follow Year of Jubilee! Squeeeee! But don't tell anyone you heard it from me!)

Can I share a secret with you?  Originally it wasn't set in 1850!  It was set in 1880.  But that was before it was officially named, Year of Jubilee.  It also wasn't set in southern Indiana! I had originally set it near the Platte River in Nebraska!!!  But don't be discouraged if you're from Nebraska. I might have changed this one, but I have another one coming out that is set in Bellevue, just a short trip from Omaha, Nebraska.  And actually, it's the one (Spun) that one the ACFW Genesis Award in 2014.

But here's another secret you'll only find on the Diamond Mine! Shhh. It was a Novella, but I'm turning it into a Full-length Novel! It was really hard not to add all the other stuff that I had in mind, so, I thought that since I had the time (and wasn't rushing to finish it by a contest cut-off date) I would make it longer.  So be looking for, Spun.  One of these day, it'll hit the shelf.

Oh, wait. Do you hear that? It's completely quiet at my house and my recliner is calling my name! Sorry, folks. Gotta run. I've gotta get back to my series!  But keep tuned in.  I may add a letter here or two in the coming days.

Meanwhile, look for my next novel after Christmas.  I think you're going to like it. Thanks for stopping by! And as always, May God bless you BIG!

(Me! Winning the ACFW Genesis! If I look overly happy, well, I am!!!)

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