Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Interview and Book Giveaway with Julie Cosgrove!

Will Jen dare to reveal the truth and risk losing the man she loves, or will she live the lie, like everyone else in her life?

I’d like to welcome Julie Cosgrove to The Diamond Mine. She’s written a suspense trilogy , and the first two books are out, the third to be released this fall, all from Prism Book Group.
Welcome, Julie! I’ve read the first two books, and you’re a talented writer. The story is rich with characters, action, and keeps the reader guessing what will happen next.
Do you and the heroine Jen, share any qualities?

We share an Anglican heritage and the fact we are both from the Texas Hill Country. But, she is a great deal younger!

Your plots are full of twists and turns. Do you map out the plot before you write, or develop it as you go?

develop it as I go.

What got you started on writing novels?

It has always been a deep passion of mine to write a novel. I wrote short stories in high school and won a few wards, but then life got in the way. Just before my husband passed away, I got the “burn” again. So I wrote my first one, Focused. It was only 22,000 words, but my sister sent it to an literary professor at a renown college who told me I had potential and to join a critique group. I did, and also went to workshops, read books on how to write novels, etc.

Do you prefer writing a series, or stand alone novels?

Series, I guess, since that is all I have written so far.  Legitimate Lies is the second of three, and Focused was the first of three. I want to dabble in a mystery series featuring Bunco playing widow sleuths in an urban apartment complex.

That sounds incredibly entertaining! I'll look forward to that! What do you like most about being a writer?

Writing, and helping others learn the craft as well.

What do you like least?

What all writers like least-  the endless editing. Well, then there is also that chasm of angst between the time it is sent to the publishers, and is now no longer in your control,  and your author copies arrive at your door.

Has becoming a published author lived up to your expectations?

Actually it is even better. I really feel so blessed to not only be published and have 5 star reviews, but to also become acquainted with so many wonderful authors, you included, who all help each other out. It’s like a family.

I agree. It's so great to be connected to such supportive fellow authors. I love it! Did you always want to be a writer, or was it something that developed over time?

A little of both. I guess it was a desire that smoldered for several decades after  I finished school and then reignited when God decided it was time/

What message or messages do you want the reader to be left with after reading your books?

Whether fiction or my non-fiction devotional and Bible studies, it is one message: God is right there and wants to guide you.

That's a powerful message, simple and so true. I think we often forget how immediate God is, and how ready He is to help us in our daily lives and decisions. So, Julie, what are you working on now?

I just finished  the drafts to Freed to Forgive, the third in the same series as Hush in the Storm and Legitimate Lies, a a romance novella, Navy Blues. Now I am going back to finish Grounded, the second in a trilogy after my first novel Focused.  In the meantime, I write bi-monthly devotionals for two websites, Power to Change and Thoughts About God,  monthly articles for Faith-filled Family Magazine, and also write yearly for three  other devotional publications.  I also have a weekly inspirational blog, Where Did You Find God Today.

Julie, it's been a delight to interview you. Thank you! 
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And now I'll include an excerpt from your book, Legitimate Lies:

Tom stood inside my living room, straddle-legged in those tight, casual trousers. A hunter-green, collared knit shirt emphasized his lean, sculptured chest. A myriad of emotions danced inside of me as our eyes locked. Not shock though. The fact he'd broken into my house didn't surprise me at all. Simple CIA 101 skills he'd probably learned long before we met…
I slammed the water glass down in front of him, leaned in and threw several daggers into his deep blue eyes, the ones I almost drowned in another identity ago. “You had my business card.”
His eyes twinkled. “Not too hard to snatch.”
“Exactly how long have you been watching me?”
He pushed his shoulders into the chair's spindles and took a deep swallow. After he set the tumbler down, he ran a finger around the rim. “Is it important?”
I wanted to slap the smirk from his face. I wanted to plant kisses all over it. I wanted to smash the water glass and shove its broken shards into his chiseled cheekbones. Instead, I slumped into the chair across from him. My emotions with this man had never been crystal clear.

Here's more info about Julie:
 Freelance writer, multi-published author and professional speaker, Julie B Cosgrove has written hundreds of web content and articles with secular and Christian themes. She leads retreats, workshops, and Bible studies, and writes regularly for several Christian websites and publications. Her articles have been featured in Upper Room Magazines, Chicken Soup for the Soul and six international devotional periodicals such as The Secret Place, Light from the Word, Good News Daily, and The Journey.  She has authored four nonfiction books and five novels, four contracted with Prism Book Group.
She is a member of the Christian Writers Fellowship International,  DiAnn Mill’s Rippler Group, Advanced Writers and Speakers Association and North Texas Christian Writers. Julie has received the highest communication level in Toastmasters, International—the Advanced Communicator Gold.  Julie lives in Fort Worth, Texas. Contact her at and follow her blog – Where Did You Find God Today?

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Carlene Havel said...

I loved "Hush in the Storm" and am currently reading "Legitimate Lies'. Both are superb!

Julie b Cosgrove said...

That means a great deal coming from such an accomplished author as you, Carlene. I loved The Scarlet Cord and devoured your latest savory work, The Baxter Road Miracle.

Peggy Trotter said...

Hello Julie! so glad to have you on the Mine!!!

Mary L. Ball said...

Great interview. I can't wait to read Legitimate Lies, I know it will be as awesome!

Katherine said...

My first visit to your blog and I really enjoyed reading about Julie. Looking forward to reading your books! Wishing you many blessings and continued joy in writing.

Renee Blare said...

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the blog! :)

Renee Blare said...

It's an awesome story, Mary. I bet you'll love it! :)