Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Care for a Spot of Tea with Author Rachel James?

Cheerio, my dear chums. Indeed, 'twill please you to no end to learn of our esteemed guest, author Rachel James, from across the pond in merry old England. I'm simply convinced we're in for a smashing good time of it. Now, before you say, Bob's your uncle, pour yourself up a spot of Earl Grey and grab a crumpet.

PT: Welcome, Rachel! Such a thrill to have you here. Everyone is dying to know where you hail from and what genre you write in.

RJ: I live in Norwich, in the UK, and I write inspirational historical romance. At the moment, my books have been set in the early medieval period, but I love history, and I may branch out to another time period at some point.

PT: Such an interesting time period. An inspirational tale always grabs my attention since Christ is such an integral part of my life and other Christians. Tell us about when you first realized your need for Jesus in your life.

RJ:  I was really young when I became a Christian, around 4 or 5 years old, although I can’t recall the exact date! I’m blessed to have been raised in a good Christian family. It’s not to say I didn’t sway from time to time though! I struggled with my faith growing-up, and it wasn’t until later in my teens that I re-committed my life to the Lord. Of course, realizing the need for Jesus in your life is a daily thing really.

PT: So, this is your second book. An author always learns a little along the way to each publication. Is there anything you like to change about writing or getting your books to published, now that you know the ropes a bit?

RJ:  I’m learning all the time, and I think if anything, I’ve come to appreciate the need for good solid research.  I’ve discovered more tools and methods of researching since my first book, which speeds things up a bit. Going through the various editing stages with a publisher has also improved my writing skills, without a doubt. Getting other peoples unbiased opinions of your work (although painful at times) can only be a good thing.

PT: Interesting. I LOVE doing research. Since your do inspirational stories, do you like to base your novels on one scripture or one Bible principle?

RJ:  No, not to begin with. My novels always start with my lead character, and her initial problem. In this instance, Alena is a princess, recently widowed and left to raise a small child. Not only that, her kingdom is under threat of invasion, and she has to wed a king from another kingdom.  That’s what I start with. But as I write and the story beings to unfold, Alena’s spiritual need for God soon comes clear to me.  The biblical theme in each of my books are different, according to the characters issues.  In The Forgotten Princess of Elmetia, the spiritual theme was about forgiveness and redemption. But in the sequel, it’s more about self-worth, and how we are in God’s eyes. Acceptance.

PT:  My favorite part. Quick, tell us 5 quick things about Rachel that don’t have anything to do with writing!

RJ:  Mmmn. Let me think.
1.       I love tea. Far above any other beverage! I drink it often, sometimes by the hour, milk, no sugar, take or leave the biscuit.
2.       I love lakes and mountains. I went to Alberta in Canada for my honeymoon (over 13 years ago) and I’ve never quite seen anything like it!
3.       I’m a bit of a gadget geek… I relish in using the latest technology to aid in increased productivity!
4.       I play the guitar, and lead worship at church.

5.       I adore romantic comedies, but I’m terrible at telling my own jokes. I think I only know three, which I learnt by rote as child! 

PT:  LOL! Yes, my best jokes were learned from 2nd graders! Love it! And you are going to LOVE Rachel's book, The Last Princess of Meigen. Look at this great cover!

It is 626 AD, and the ancient Kingdom of Meigen is left vulnerable to neighboring Saxons. To unite the kingdoms and bring peace, Princess Alena must enter into a royal marital alliance. But when the handsome physician, Sherwin, befalls her, matters become complicated. Torn between obligations to her young son and country, she faces a difficult decision. Will Alena obey the king’s orders, or choose to follow her heart?

PT:  Jolly good show! Jolly good! Here my dear readers, is where you can locate her book and find out more about Rachel:

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About the Author
Born and raised in England, Rachel writes inspirational historical romance, she is also married to a pastor, and has three beautiful little princesses. She minored in creative writing at university and strives to entertain, inspire and encourage others through her writing. Rachel absolutely loves romantic tales… combine it with a little history and a hot cup of tea, and she’s smitten!

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Renee Blare said...

Hi, Rachel! Welcome to the Diamond Mine. I'm loving your book! :)

Carlene Havel said...

I have a theory (based on nothing) that tea-drinkers make the best writers. What could be better than sitting down at the keyboard with a cuppa Earl Gray to the side?

Peggy Trotter said...

I so agree, Calene! Hot tea is my favorite. Anyone else have a fav's?