Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rachel Skatvold - Beauty Restored

Hey y'all! It's Rebekah here. I'm in L-O-V-E with this book cover!

Today we get to meet Rachel Skatvold (who's pretty awesome too).

Rachel's doing an e-copy giveaway of her latest release, Beauty Restored, the third and last in the Riley Family Legacy Novellas series. For your chance to win, leave a comment at the end of the interview.

Beauty Restored
While volunteering at a youth camp in the Ozark Mountains, Carmen Riley sponsors a challenging group of teenage girls. She longs to make a difference in their lives, but unsettling news from home rattles her confidence. When Carmen meets a charming young pastor, will his wise advice give her the courage she desperately needs?

After discovering that the camp is in danger of closing, Pastor Andrew vows to save it. With Carmen’s help, he rallies a group of sponsors to come up with a plan of action. However, the task could cost him much more than he bargains for.

In a race against time, a common goal unites them, but unforeseen circumstances threaten to tear them apart. Will their relationship and faith in God endure long enough to see Beauty Restored?

Rebekah:  What's your favorite thing about the Christian romance genre?
Rachel:     Well, I've always been a romantic at heart. I think that is why I enjoy writing Christian romance so much. I love writing stories that are sweet and suspenseful with a message of faith weaved in.
Rebekah:  Describe Restored Beauty in three separate words.
Rachel:     Charming, suspenseful and heartwarming
Rebekah:  If your book was made into a movie, what actors would you cast as your main hero and heroine?
Rachel:     Oh boy, that's a hard one. I must confess that I spend too much time on Pintrest looking for people who resemble my characters. LOL. I haven't pinned down any for the third book yet, but for the first in the series it would be Rachel Hendrix for Katherine Arnold and Dan Stevens for Ryan Hudson.
Rebekah:  How long did it take you to write this book? How do you balance writing with other responsibilities (job, family, etc.)?
Rachel:     This book took me about three months to write (but much more time to edit). It was the shortest amount of time I've ever spent on the first draft of a book. I think the storyline was so much fun that I just flew right through. It's my favorite book in the series.
Being a stay-at-home mom allows me to write for a living. However, it's often a balancing act with my kids needing me during the day. I love being a mommy/author though, and do a large amount of writing while my toddler is taking a nap or at night after both my kiddos are sleeping. Just call me a night owl I guess.
Rebekah:  When did you realize you first wanted to be a writer?
Rachel:     I think I was born with a big imagination. As a child I wrote and illustrated little story books all the time, most of which my mom still has stored in a big binder. However, I didn't really think of becoming a writer until my junior year of college. I majored in elementary education for two years until realizing it wasn't for me. I didn't like spending so much time away from my son, so I switched to an English major and pretty soon I had written a novel! Big change I know. However, I wouldn't change a thing. I think God used every life experience to lead me up to this pint and I love it.
Rebekah:  Do you stick to your TBR pile or are you an impulsive book buyer? What are you currently reading?
Rachel:     Yes, most of the time I do stick to my TBR pile these days. I've recently started doing some reviewing for other authors, so keeping up with deadlines is important. However, I love reading so it never feels like a chore. :) I'm currently reading To Honor and Cherish by Kari Trumbo. It is a historical Christian romance about a widowed woman rancher. I'm enjoying it so far.

Rebekah:  At some point an author has to torture their characters. Tell us the truth. Do you enjoy or hate it?
Rachel:     That's an interesting question. I'd like to say I don't but maybe I enjoy it just a little...LOL. As an author it's a unique experience to intentionally create problems for your characters. However, since I know there's going to be a happy ending it doesn't bother me a lot to complicate their lives for a short amount of time. I have been known to cry with my characters while writing a sad scene though. So really if I'm torturing them, I'm torturing myself too I guess.

Rebekah:  Who's your number one fictional character crush or favorite fictional couple?
Rachel:     It's hard to choose just one, but I've always enjoyed watching Disney movies...yes, even as an adult. :) Belle and the prince from the movie Beauty and the Beast would have to be my favorite fictional couple. It's heartwarming that Belle can see the good in him when everyone else just sees a monster. Also, who doesn't love the famous ballroom dance? Did I mention that I'm a hopeless romantic?

Rebekah: What's one thing readers would be surprised to know about you?
Rachel:    I can't whistle. No matter how hard I try, my attempts just sound like a windy day...LOL.

Rachel Skatvold is a Christian author and stay-at-home mom from the Midwest. She enjoys writing Christian romance, devotions and encouraging blogs. Rachel has just finished her first series, the Riley Family Legacy Novellas and is now working on her first full length novel, Enduring the Flames. Other than writing, some of her hobbies include singing, reading and camping in the great outdoors with her husband and two young sons.

Connect with Rachel here:
Website:  www.rachelskatvold.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/rachelskatvoldauthor
Twitter:  www.twitter.com/rachelskatvold
Pintrest:  www.pintrest.com/rachelskatvold
Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8577315.Rachel_Skatvold
Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Rachel-Skatvold/e/B00NMSJTUO/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1


Ann Ellison said...

Enjoyed the interview. The book sounds like a really good one and I would love to win a copy.

Rebekah Millet said...

Hey Ann! It's so good to see you on the Mine again! Thanks for stopping by. We'll be sure to put your name in for the drawing. Hope you have a blessed week!

Rachel Skatvold said...

Hi Ann. It's great to meet you and thanks for taking the time to comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview. :) Blessing. -Rachel

Rebekah Millet said...

Ann - You're the winner of an e-copy of Rachel's book Beauty Restored! Congrats! Please send me your email address one of these ways: private message me on Twitter, Facebook, or send it through my website's contact page at www.rebekahmillet.com