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Book giveaway with Lee Carver!!!

Lee Carver is paying us another visit to The Diamond mine! She’s been busy writing more books for your reading enjoyment, and has stopped in to tell us about her latest novel. And readers, remember to leave a comment for Lee for a chance to win the drawing for a free copy of her latest book to someone within continental USA, or any two of her books as Kindle copies! They’re all available in print and e-book on
So, take it away, Lee! 

Honestly, the initial motivation to write “Retreat to Shelter Creek” was vengeance against a man who hurt a woman I love. An unfaithful husband addicted to Internet porn and a master’s degreed minister, he destroyed their marriage. My agent insisted that the villain not be a minister, though, because Christians don’t want to read about those who have royally failed the faith. I agree. So I gave him a position of responsibility in charge of the lives of young people as the chairman of the history department of a junior college—“a big frog in a small pond.”

Creating the villain became the hardest challenge in writing the book. My online crit partners helped so much, especially Autumn Macarthur, who convinced me that Jason had to be “badder” with behavior indicative of a deep personality disorder. She helped me construct Jason as a controlling narcissist.

With so much conflict, then, the guard-pig Beulah and other points of humorous relief had to balance the weight of the story. Testosterone-laden Sheriff Bubba Gaines gave me such a charge that I want to write another story based in Shelter Springs, Texas, with him as the main character.

Forgiveness is seen as a necessary step in healing from a broken marriage, even if the offender admits no wrong and would never request forgiveness. If Ashley’s husband is already living with his pregnant student, what is her obligation to her vows? An elder romance develops as well. The novel is loaded with plot and characters!

Wow! Sounds like quite an interesting story, Lee!
Now here's an excerpt that features Beulah:

Ashley placed the running water at the base of a clump of purple sage in full bloom and leaned on the top board of Beulah’s pen. “Don’t reckon anybody’s bothered to ask how you feel about moving.”

Beulah lifted her head, the curve of a natural pig-smile giving her a pleasant expression.

“You’re going to be loaned to the roofer to help build up his pig family. You’ll have new friends, and hopefully a sweetheart and a brood of piglets.”

Beulah shuffled to her feet, snuffling and snorking as if expecting an afternoon snack.

Ashley went into the shed and got a handful of feed just for the fun of giving it to her. Caught off guard by a rustle in the dark, she froze. Was a person hiding in there? A rattlesnake? Her pulse pounded in her neck. As her eyes adjusted, she spied something bright white moving a few feet away. A bright white stripe. Bordered by blackest black.

A skunk!

Don’t run. Be calm.

The plump, shiny animal waddled toward the back of the shed, giving her courage to slip silently out the door and push it closed.

Leaning against the door, weak-legged and sweating, she thanked God the skunk hadn’t sprayed her.

She had no idea what to do next. In her normal world, there had always been a man she could ask for help. The image of the strong, manly Texas roofer came to mind. His phone number printed on the receipt left in the kitchen beckoned to her. He knew about local animals.

Maybe she would call Austin.

Well, that makes you want to read more, doesn't it?
Here's the link for this book:

Contact detail for “Retreat to Shelter Creek”

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And now here's a bit about Lee:

Lee Carver is once again failing at retirement, a hybrid author in every sense: fiction and nonfiction, traditionally and independently published. She also does freelance editing, formatting, and uploads. Married forty-eight years to a very tolerant man, they have an adult son and daughter and five grandchildren.

A message from Lee:

I do hope you enjoy the book. You are most welcome to my blog, “Truth in Fiction” and website. Here are all my contact details:

Twitter:  @leecarver21


Betty Woods said...

Balancing such a serious subject with a sidekick pig is great. Love this idea. Forgiving someone who doesn't even think they need it is so hard. Glad you're not afraid to tackle such a thing. I want this book! Betty Woods

Carlene Havel said...

Sounds like another good read from Lee Carver!

Lee Carver said...

Betty this book is self-published for one reason: the major Christian publishers my agent sent it to didn't want a book which involves infidelity and pornography in a marriage which was supposed to be between Christians. These situations are real life today. My take is that we need to be writing fiction that supports and helps people through rough times.

Lee Carver said...

Thanks, Carlene. I appreciate the comment coming from you.

Deanne Patterson said...

I haven't read anything by this author yet but this sounds interesting and I'd like to read it.

Deanne Patterson