Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Renee Blare Welcomes in a New Release!

Smack, smack! Waaaaaaaah! We have a new little baby! That's right. Our own Renee Blare has a brand spanking new release! We're all SO proud of this new addition to our Diamond Mine nursery! And since I can't wait to lay hands on that baby, let's mask up and dive in!

You can have a ecopy of this new bundle of joy for free! Leave your name and email in the comments section for a chance to win!

PT: Renee! Another new baby? Wow, what an accomplishment. This one has been christened, Racing Hearts. Give us a peek under that blanket. What genre would you say this
one falls under?

RB: Racing Hearts is a bit different than my other books. I write suspense and mystery with a touch of romance for the most part, but this book would be labeled more Romance and Women’s Fiction. It does have some suspense and mystery in it but that’s not driving forces in the story.

PT: I know it is part of the Love is Series. They are based on certain Bible verses. What's this one based on?

RB:  In 1 Corinthians chapter 13, verses 7, we find an aspect of love. Within that verse, we find the words, “always trust” or “believes all things,” depending on your translation. This book explores that very thing and how important it is to the foundation of love in a relationship, especially when faced with the unexpected.

PT:  It is true that love is not just an emotion. It's action. So where did you get the premise of the book?

RB:  Racing Hearts is actually based on real life experience. I borrowed a slice of my own past and put the pen to the page. I changed characters, time, and space, but a lot of what you read in Racing Hearts is taken from my own heart and life as well as my husband’s. Not all, of course, and that’s what makes writing fun!

PT:  Really?! That makes the story even more touching! This is your fourth published book and there is rumblings of a fifth. How has being a writer changed your life?

RB:  It’s made it much busier, but amazing. I love the stories that the Lord gives me to write. I just wish I had more time to write them down. Promotion is a nightmare! As if I had time to write, marketing? Are you kidding? I’m a pharmacy manager and my time isn’t my own, but those I serve. But I know God has a plan for my writing, and I’ll continue to trust Him not me.

PT: What’s next for author Renee Blare?

RB: You mean AFTER Racing Hearts? Believe it or not, I have another release in November. The 18th to be exact. Crazy Woman Christmas, the first Christmas story I’ve ever written, is due out! 

PT:  Ah! So it's true! There's a fifth coming out. And so soon!

RB:  I can’t wait. I’m as excited about Crazy Woman Christmas as I am about Racing Hearts but for different reasons. Racing Hearts is such a personal story, and it’s close to my own heart because of it. Crazy Woman Christmas is special for other reasons. It’s set in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming and involves two people as different as night and day. How can they connect? It’s Christmas!

PT:  And we know anything is possible at Christmas! One last thing. I always love to ask five things of each author that have zippo to do with writing. So let's hear it, Renee. Go!

RB:  Five things but NOT about writing? Mmm, that’s a tough one. Let’s see…

-                      I love to hunt but won’t take an animal unless I know I can bring it down with one shot. I hunt with a .243 Remington Model 700.
-                      I’ve had twelve surgeries that I can remember, and many more I can’t, but my husband still has me beat at thirty-seven.
-                      I’ve been a pharmacist for eighteen years and worked in institutional, hospital, nursing home, clinical, and retail pharmacy. I’ve also worked for the Indian Health Service and the Veterans Health Administration.
-                      I love to take pictures of my Wyoming home. In fact, a relaxing day for me is taking a drive and doing exactly that, rain, snow, sleet, or shine.
-                      I don’t take anything for granted. Why? A fire destroyed most everything I loved when I was very young. Later, after I was grown, I woke to my husband at the bottom of the stairs. When we left Wyoming, I realized too late what I’d had outside my door. So . . . I’ve learned the hard way that “things” don’t matter, my strength is an illusion, and the future’s not a given.

PT: There's a wealth of knowledge in that last one, and I can visualize a lot of story starters from the others! Wow, it's been an extreme pleasure to visit you with your new little arrival. How about a little pic of that lil' dumpling?

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Bio:  Renee Blare has been buried in a book for as long as she can remember. Raised in Louisiana and Wyoming, she started writing poetry in junior high school and that, as they say, was that. After having her son, a desire to attend pharmacy school sent her small family to the University of Wyoming in Laramie. She’s been counting pills ever since. While writing’s her first love, well, after the Lord and her husband, she also likes to fish and hunt as well as pick away on her classical guitar.
Nestled in the foothills of the Wind River Mountains, she lives in Wyoming with her husband, crazy dogs, and ornery cat. She serves her beautiful small town as a pharmacist while penning her stories about struggling Christians as they travel along the journeys of their lives. She loves to interact with readers and invites you check out her website, blog, and social media.

Website: http://www.reneeblare.com/
Blog: https://reneeblare.blogspot.com/
Group Blog: http://diamondsinfiction.blogspot.com/


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