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Meet Sarah - One Extraordinary Angel

          HI- this is Julie B Cosgrove, Christian author and brand new contributor to this blog. Today, I want to introduce you  to a very special person...um, angel. Sarah is the creation of Christian author Gay N. Lewis. 

                This sweet, trying-so-hard, bumbling love angel is given assignments by God to help orchestrate two people, whom He has chosen as right for each other, to meet and develop a relationship. Her way-too- human mistakes and shenanigans make this series delightful, poignant and memorable.

Hi, Gay. Welcome to the Diamond Mine of Fiction!
1    Tell us about this wonderful, and sometimes comical, angel Sarah?

Sarah was given empathy so she could relate more to humans when she comes to earth. Jesus is the only One who could truly relate to us, but the Almighty endowed Sarah with these qualities so she could do her job.  Some angels are messengers. Some are guardians, but Sarah is a love angel who brings couples together. These human-like qualities often get her into trouble—she sometimes breaks the rules for the humans. That’s a no-no. She didn’t do well in angel school, so the lessons she was supposed to absorb, she’s now learning the hard way. She’s also dyslexic and forgetful. These present complications while she’s on earth.

       She is also amazingly positive about life but has no sense of direction! I fell in love with her within the first few pages of the first book I read, Sarah and the Widow's Mate. I have read quite a few others. I know there have been a eight of them so far, (http://www.prismbookgroup.com/sarah-series) and your fans cry out for more! How did you get started writing Sarah books?

         I started writing women’s fiction, but that first book was going nowhere. Would you believe that book will be published now in June? I’m happy about that, but while I was learning my craft, I decided to write fantasy. About four years ago, vampires were the hot topic. As a pastor’s wife, I couldn’t write that stuff, and even if I weren’t in the ministry, I wouldn’t write it. I admire others who can, but it’s not me. I wrote the first book and titled it, Little Angel Screw Up.  That’s who Sarah is—a total screw up. The publisher loved the story but thought the title didn’t fit the Christian genre, so the title was changed to Sarah: Mission of Love.  The book was a best seller in three categories. A series was born, but each book stands alone.

3             I am so glad it took off. I have enjoyed reading each of the ones I've purchased.  
      Why did you write this newest one as part of the Cowboy Christmas 

     Novella Series?
Sarah and the Cowboy's Lady,  

           The publisher wanted a cowboy series and asked the authors to come up with a Christmas cowboy story. I think about thirteen authors wrote for the series. A winter bizarre Texas blizzard was perfect for Sarah. Innocent children can sometimes see angels, and Sarah found out animals can too. Pedro, Josiah’s horse, didn’t care for midair Sarah’s dancing and created a bucking ruckus.

4.             What message do you wish to send to your readers through Sarah's experiences and shenanigans?

           Good question. If an angel can mess up, there’s hope for all of us. Bhahahaha. Some of the sentences in my books, I’ve taped to my desk. I believe God inspired them, and they’ve helped me.  Here’s one. Mother Goodness smiled. “Don’t look below at the circumstances. Look above to the Father.” And “Stirring garbage with a stick makes it stink worse.”  
      I’ve used personal experiences in my books. For instance, I once kept a jar of M & M’s on my desk. When I wanted to say something unkind, I’d eat one of my “zip lip” pills. “A soft answer turns away wrath.” I’d choose a sweet candy and hope for honeyed words. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes those candies didn’t. I gained five pounds trying to keep my lips zipped. Sigh.

5                 Any more Sarah books (or something else?) in the works?

      Yes!  Thanks for asking. I’m working on Sarah and the Magical Makeover. She’s working with a shy lady that uses weight as a shield from pain. Sarah can assume any disguise she wants, so for this mission, she made herself heavy. She donned frizzy hair and mismatched clothes. In this scene, she must check into a hotel, another new experience.

Seeing a man in a uniform behind a desk, Sarah approached as if going to a lynching.
“May I help you? The man smiled at her.
“I want to stay here.”
“Wonderful. How many nights?”
Sarah blinked. “May I stay days too?”
 “Certainly.” The man blinked. “I merely need to know how long you’ll be staying with us.”
“Oh. Is it okay if I stay until I leave?”
The man swallowed a few times as if a bowling ball wedged his throat and then he coughed. “An indefinite stay then.” He keyed some messages into a computer. “May I have your name?”
“Oceana Waters.”
The employee did a double take. “Unusual name, but it has a lovely resonance. May I have a card please?”
“Sorry. I saw a magician produce a card out of the air once for a spectator, and it looked interesting, but I don’t do that. I don’t play with dominoes either. Never learned the games.”
The employee closed his lips in a smirk. “I meant a credit card. We need one on file.”
“Let me see if I can find one.” Sarah opened her hobo bag and called forth a payment symbol.
The man’s eyes widened as he gawked at the card. “Thank you. I’ll put it into the system.” After he made a few key strokes, he once more turned to Sarah. “Forgive my surprise. I’ve never seen one of these before. As I understand it, only a few people world-wide qualify for this membership.”
“I’ve been told I’m special, but I never believe it.”
The clerk gave instructions to room 1202, and Sarah waddled toward the elevator. With super hearing employed, she heard the clerk remark to a coworker. “There goes one wealthy, quirky lady.”
As I said, Sarah didn’t pay attention in Angel School

Oh, my. This sounds like one I will be downloading onto my ereader!  Thanks so much for letting me interview you, and for letting our readers know all about Sarah!

Thanks for the opportunity to tell you about Sarah. My goal is to bring faith mixed with humor. The Sarah books are not preachy, but we can identify with Sarah as she learns from her mistakes.

Okay, folks- comment away! One winner in a random draw will receive a $5 Amazon gift certificate so you can get your own Sarah and the Cowboy's Lady. But we need at least five of you to comment! 


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Hi Gay (and Julie)! Welcome to the Diamond Mine. :)

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Sounds like a fun read. The others I have read in this series have been good.