Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Party with Me! My Third Release is Here!

Does this book look like a miracle to you?
Trust me. It is.

I can describe this book no other way but a work of God. I hope you don't mind while I share this tale of of a hard-fought novel that wouldn't quit.

It had to come to life. For someone. Maybe you?

I started this book back in late 90's. Yes, 1990's! Originally it was keyed in on a Brother Word Processor. (I know this reveals I'm not 29 anymore. LOL) You see, I'm a writer from way back. At the age of fourteen, I lugged out a manual typewriter and plopped it on a waggling card table, ready to write the next equestrian wonder. I was a teen in love with horses. Ahhh, those innocent days!
But, as always, realty nosed in, and I got busy with. . .life.

And writing ceased.

That nugget of the need to write, however, had lodged itself permanently in my young brain. Fast forward through sporadic years of spastic writing here and there, some with a practical purpose, some just for dreams. Christmas plays, poems, journals. Notebooks of my chicken scratch writing (I'm not much of a neat freak. Sorry if this disappoints some.)

Then, marriage, kids, job, well, you know the drill. Category: This is Life, 101. And we were poor. We counted nickles just to do the laundry at the laundromat. Publishing? Phsaw. Just as well wish a year long penthouse stay in Hawaii with a million dollar expense account. Pretty much had the same possibility of actually occurring.

Then my kids left home. And God nudged me.

I extracted my files from the old Brother, and "The Secret Things" whispered to me. It wasn't ready to die. It was rejected time after time. Influential people scoffed at it. I started calling it my stepchild. No one wanted it.

I revised it. Rewrote it one, two, three. . .seven times. I revised the opening. It grew from novella-size to a full-blow novel. It started as a sweet romance and merged as a suspense. Wow, what a ride she gave me! I could tell you tons of more adventures she's led me on, but Daddy always said not to give away the farm. Suffice it to say, I've learned so much in the making of this novel.

Phew! I feel better. Confession is out. And I hope you don't mind the break in the interview format. Gee, I really hope you are still reading! 'Cause I'm getting to the nitty-gritty right fast. It releases this Saturday! Hallelujah, come fan me! I feel a little weak in the knees and that's no put-on.

"The Secret Things" is part of a series. The series is entitled Unchained Souls, and as you can tell, it's about secrets and revealing those secrets. (There's another one right now on my computer, whoop, whoop!)

And here's the blurb:

Boom! Need more? Of course you do! Here's the link! Or if you like a solid paperback, go here:

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Renee Blare said...

Congratulations, Peggy! I'm so proud of you! :)

Sonnetta Jones said...

I am so that you were able to finish this story. I would love to know how how it ends.

Peggy Trotter said...

Thanks, Rneee! And Sonnetta, thanks for stopping by. I hope you get to find out how it ends!

Terry Palmer said...

My wife loves this kind of book, so here we go. I usually have to buy some more tissue as she cries along with the characters. I'll look forward to it too.
Author Terry Palmer

Peggy Trotter said...

Thanks, Terry for stopping by. And I hope your wife loves it!!!