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Sing Along with Caryl McAdoo on the Diamond Mine (Giveaway)

Caryl McAdoo

The Diamond Mine Welcomes the Joyful Caryl McAdoo

(Fabulous Giveaway!)

Howdy, folks! This week we have the terrific Caryl McAdoo on the Diamond Mine! I can't wait to get started. She also has an AWESOME giveaway for you. Check it out at the end of the interview. Without further adoo...heehee...let's get started.

Renee: Hi Caryl! Welcome, I'm so excited to have you.

Caryl: I want to thank you, Renee for inviting me! I’m so grateful to be at the Diamond Mine today! I hope I find a precious stone and I pray I can leave one for you, too! Thank you for having me! I say it all the time, how I’m so blessed and highly favored! And Voila, here’s the proof!

Renee: You are one my favorite authors, that's for sure. LOL And a great friend. I can't wait to jabber away and share all about you with everyone. Let's talk about your phenomenal writing first (and yes, folks, this lady knows how to write!). I love your characters. How do you keep them three-dimensional?

Caryl: This is done through learning the craft of writing creative fiction. I’d say Point of View is my biggest source for my characters seeming so real. Even the most perfect one always has flaws, too. I give my villains a little bit of good, too, because no one is all good or all bad! So that makes them more real.

And here’s a little secret not too many people know. My husband is also an awesome writer and we write together, so he controls all my awesome heroes’ actions and dialogues and leaves my strong girly-girl heroines alone! So there you go, third reason my characters are so ‘three dimensional’ that they feel like friends only a few pages in!

BTW, it was ‘our’ New York agent, Mary Sue Seymour AND the Simon and Schuster editor she sold VOW UNBROKEN to, book one of the Texas Romance series, who both told us it would be best to have only one author’s name on the cover. Since I’m the “mouth” of our union (49 years this June!) who never meets a stranger and LOVES talking to people—all people, it was only natural that we chose me to represent us. My Ron is much like the patriarch of my Texas Romance family saga . . . almost perfect! 

Renee: Oh, wow! Thank you for the resource. That is such a cool thing to pass along to the newbie (and old) writers out there. And writing with your hubby? That would be great. I want to do that with my own husband. We've started a project together as well...our first. I'll keep you posted on its progress though. (And ours!)

On a more personal note, what would you do if you couldn't write anymore?

Caryl: If someone told me I couldn’t write anymore, I have to pursue singing. One way or the other, I must give God glory. He has saved my soul and delivered me from eternity in hell and He calls me His own and He blesses me and gives me His high favor—for instance, my husband, four awesome children and seventeen grandsugars! 

My slogan or motto or tagline—I’m never sure what to call it (any suggestions?)—is “Praying my story gives God glory. If I couldn’t write, I’d sing of the wonders of the Lord. Worship and praise Him. BTW, He does give me ‘new songs’ to sing and you can hear a few of them on my YouTube channel. (LINK: ) I still don’t know what He plans to do with them, but I’m overwhelmed every single time He gives me another one. See? Blessed and Highly favored!

Renee: You do love to sing, don't you? I do too, but I'm not much good. It's more noise but it's joyful! LOL But I love to read. Does that count? My favorite book is still Pride and Prejudice. What's yours?

Caryl: Oh, God’s Living Word, His Holy Bible is by far my favorite book, the only one that give me life and guides me into all peace and joy and wisdom. And I read it wherever I am, whenever I have the urge. I carry it with me all the time on my phone. I enjoy reading the New American Standard, but I’m a King James lady.  😊

Renee: Oh, I definitely agree there. His Word never fails. I like the NASB too and the NKJV the best. I have a King James Version but I prefer my NASB. I take it everywhere I go. It's on my phone! 

Speaking of traveling, I've only been to three other countries in my life, but I'd love to travel to more...mainly New Zealand, Scotland, and Australia. If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Caryl: If anyone talks to me long about travel, they find out the only place in the world I long to go, it’s Israel. I pray I get to go sooner, but I KNOW I WILL go. It may be when Yeshua sits on His throne in Jerusalem and reigns over all the earth. I’ll get to go once a year then. But I so hope I get to go while it’s so historical to my faith. Nothing will matter but Him after He comes again!

Renee: Israel would be an awesome place to visit. I have a few family members that would love to tag along. And yes, after all this craziness on Earth is over, nothing will matter but the Lord. Nothing matters but Him now. Is there a special quote or saying that comes to mind in times of adversity?

Caryl: I always say “God is on the throne and in control!” If we have confidence in that—which I definitely do—then no matter what happens . . . NO MATTER WHAT . . . you can walk in peace and be comforted in that knowledge.

Renee: That is a great saying, Caryl. That is Truth and we can cling to it. Thank you. As if nobody can guess this one, but do you have any quirks or habits that keep your family and friends on their toes?

Caryl: Ah ha ha ha ha! I burst out singing all the time. Does that count?

Renee: LOL I knew it! Why am I NOT surprised? You're an angel, Caryl. But as much I know you love life and the Lord, God uses life to teach us lessons. Would you share one of your life lessons with us?

Caryl: Don’t Worry, Be Happy! Remember that song? But it is SO SCRIPTURAL! To worry is nothing but an insult to God. I used to be the world’s biggest worry wart. I used to get so angry with Ron because he simply refused to worry—said I did enough for both of us. But when Holy Spirit impressed on me that worrying meant I wasn’t trusting my Father, Who proved Himself over and over so many times in my life, Who is always thinking of me and loves me so unconditionally, I put it behind me and now refuse to worry like my dear husband (the MOST Christ-like man I know, but not perfect). The devil has almost quit coming to whisper his lies in my mind about all the bad stuff that’s going to happen because he knows I don’t pay him no nevermind!

The other half of that song is Be Happy. Philippians 4:4 says we are to rejoice in the Lord always. Not some of the time or every now and then. Not if everything is hunky dory or blue skies and roses, but ALWAYS. Okay . . . I’ve lived long enough to know that sad things happen, heartbreaking things that may make you think you don’t even want to live another minute—that’s S.A.D.! But in the midst of it, knowing He’s on the throne and in control, we can KNOW He will get us through. He will never forsake us or leave us. We’re never alone NO MATTER WHAT, so I try my best to find a reason to rejoice in Him . . . not in the circumstances or my hurting heart, but IN HIM. I speak it out even if it feels like a lie, and before you know it, I’m truly rejoicing in Him, praising Him, and giving Him glory!     

Renee: That lesson is a very important one...for many reasons. I'm so glad you've shared that with us. You are truly a unique person. And if anyone is wondering, your books are special and reveal that about you as well. If you would like to say one thing to your reader about yourself and your books, what would it be?

Caryl: I want to bless you through my books.

Renee: And what is your life goal?

Caryl: I want to give God the glory.

Renee: See what I mean, folks? Caryl, you are an amazing woman, and I'm honored to have you here on the Diamond Mine. Thank you for stopping by and spending some time with our readers. I can't wait to read more of your wonderful stories and characters as well hear your beautiful praise. God has indeed blessed you.

Caryl: I want to thank you again, Renee. I love the opportunity to visit with you at the Diamond Mine every time I get the chance! I’d love to bless a few of your readers! I’d like to offer two copies of VOW UNBROKEN, book one of the Texas Romance family saga. AND I want to offer an e-book of THE BEDWARMER’S SON that won a 2016 Readers’ Choice Award at Celebrate Lit and has 86% 5-Star reviews, and all the rest are 4-Star! I’d love for y’all to follow me at Amazon (LINK ) and if you’re already following me there, please follow me at BookBub (LINK
 ) to enter to be one of THREE winners! I hope y’all will enjoy the stories and be blessed!

Renee: Wow!!! Caryl, you are so generous! Thank you so much! Did you catch that readers? This is an absolutely AMAZING GIVEAWAY! The details are below so enter now. You will be one of 3 winners!



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About The Bedwarmer's Son:

What if Abel had killed Cain, but there was no jury of his peers?
In 1928 Georgia, a black man who kills a white man is automatically guilty, but the bedwarmer’s son, an ex-slave, is no normal black man. And the dead white man is his half-brother. Once his lily-white lawyer lady learns the truth, everything changes. Can she save him from swinging?
Will the bedwarmer murder the one she’s been bought to serve?  
From the antebellum South, come travel the dusty trails of Jim Crowe Dalton, Georgia with slave and master, saint and sinner. See if God is really big enough, if He truly cares about His children. McAdoo has done it again, this time in a brand new way. A delightful morsel for the palates of Christian readers world round.  
Jasmine picked up a spud and turned it over, then put it back in the pile. Mammy worked at the table. 
She went and sat across from the old woman. “I don’t know why’s Mister William doing what he be doing, but I likes it.” She drew her shoulders back. “I ain’t never had such fine clothes on my back afore, and him being so nice? He done have me set up da screen in the corner to gets behind, so I don’ have to strip off naked right in front of him.”
The old lady pointed her paring knife right at Jasmine’s nose. “You be careful, child. Don’t go getting uppity on me now. Mister William’s been heartsick ever since Miss Coreena and her sweet baby girl passed.”
“Yes, ma’am. I understands. Why, can’t stand them folks what don’t know they’s place.”
“Good.” Footfalls turned the old lady’s attention to the stairs, then quickly back, she reached across and grabbed Jasmine’s arm. “When he does go to messing with you, promise old Mammy you tell me all about it. Gots me a secret ta help ya out.”
She nodded, but him messing with her weren’t going to happen. No matter how nice he be. She might just figure out a way to take off on that horse of his. Might not have to get wet in the creek after all when she run. She be dressed in these fancy clothes and have Old Tom’s note, them bounty hunters won’t mess none with her even if she did come across one.

Few authors could pull off the joining of both the Civil War era and the
Roaring Twenties in a single novel. Caryl McAdoo’s done it convincingly in her Christian Historical Fiction “The Bedwarmer’s Son.” A readers’ blessing, the author’s brilliant encompassment. –Alan Daugherty, columnist The News-Banner

The BEDWARMER’S SON is, I believe, one of Caryl McAdoo’s finest books. I love this period of history and emphasize the necessity of authors telling the whole story. Mrs. McAdoo has done her research and produced a book spotlighting lies and truth.
Mrs. McAdoo’s characters are well developed and multi-dimensional. The story line kept me on the edge of my seat. And Billy and his mama, Jasmine, win hands down as my favorites. The author’s word weaving skills warm the story with delicious southern vernacular and cultural traditions. While the author was faithful to include the gospel message of mercy, grace, and hope, she in no way crossed the divide into preaching. While Mrs. McAdoo writes serial type books, she always closes her book-baby-gifts pointing us to joy, hope and peace in Jesus Christ. And THE BED WARMER’S SON is no exception, but is perhaps the best of her best. 
– DiAne Gates, author of Roped and Twisted


Renette steele said...

Great interview ladies.

I do enjoy Caryl books and her Utube channel.

That is really cool your hubby writes with you.

MayGOD continue to bless all three of your pens!
I look forward to reading more of what GOD gives you.

Ann Ellison said...

Wonderful interview with another one of my favorite authors and a sweet friend. I love her books. Please do not include me in the drawing because I have read the books and would love to give someone else the opportunity.

Renee Blare said...

I'd love to write a book with my hubby! So cool!

Alma Marie DuCharme said...

Let Your Light Shine Bright Sweet Sister, Caryl! <3. :-)

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Great interview. I followed you on Bookbub. That's the only place I had not thought of following you! c4kwhite (at)gmail(.)com