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Lena Nelson Dooley and more!

4th of July Romance Collection written by six multi-published, popular authors, and introducing three
debut authors- all part of famed author and agent, Lena Nelson Dooley's critique group. 

Lena, welcome to The Diamond Mine of Christan fiction. You definitely have some gems in this collection.

 1. How did this collection evolve?

Because it's getting harder for new authors to get published, and because many of the unpublished authors in the critique group that meets in my home were writing publishable works, I decided to do a Christmas novella collection in 2015. We had 9 novellas in that one. Then we did an April Fools one, a Thanksgiving one, and now the 4th of July one. My plan was to help these first 9 and some others become published and get their name out there. Introduce their writing to avid readers.

2. I've heard great things about this critique group. What makes a successful one and why should authors join one?

I started my critique at the end of teaching a writing course for a fine arts academy over 25 years ago. It's been active since then. God has brought many authors to my group. Some come through and move on fairly quickly, some stay for years, and some are in between. I always stress that this is God's critique group, that He has chosen me to help other authors. We keep Him in the center of everything, both the work and the fun. He's brought people I never would have met otherwise. And at any given time, it's a diverse group where each author has a special ability to add to the group.

I really believe that critique groups help authors grow in ability in a way they can't without connecting with other authors. Even after all my published books, I never submit a book to a publisher or indie-publish a book without it going through crit group.

3. You've done collections before. Why publish them all together instead of publishing each one separately?

Readers often don't want to spend their money on books written by unknowns. Including published authors along with 3 or 4 debut authors, gives the latter a boost.

4. You have been considered for  many awards, and won quite  a few. Tell us about the latest ones.

Right now my latest full-length novel, A Heart's Gift, is one of three finalists in the long historical category of Faith, Hope, and Love RWA chapter's Readers' Choice award. I love contests where the readers are the judges. I should find out later this month about the award, but I feel like a winner just being chosen as a finalist. My traditionally published novel that was published in 2014, Catherine's Pursuit, won a different Readers' Choice award, third place in Golden Scrolls, and the Bronze Will Rogers Medallion award. The first time I ever had a book win three awards. God has blessed me.

5.  What else do you have up your literary sleeve?

Right now, I'm teaching writing workshops and reading books, judging then for a national book award contest. I'll be back to writing in mid-August.

You are one busy lady! Thanks for taking time out to join us on Diamond Mine!

So, folks, here are the synopses of each in this great series.

Strange Voices in the Night
By Lena Nelson Dooley - National bestseller, multi-award-winning author
While movie star, Katarina Slaughter, is in Texas trying to take care of all the business attached to her inheritance after her grandmother’s death, strange things start to happen. Not the least of which is when Wise County Deputy Sheriff, Austin Krum, and a host of other deputies, bright lights, and a bullhorn awaken her in the night. Sparks, both good and not so good, ensue.

Fireworks and Fireflies

By Lisa Crane - multi-published Amazon author
LaRue Payton left her hometown seven years ago after the ultimate betrayal. The death of her father calls her back, only to discover some things haven’t changed. Especially her feelings for Cash Embry. Angry at Rue for leaving without a word seven years ago, Cash wants to hurt her as much as she did him. And yet he’s drawn to her as to no other woman. Can they move beyond the hurt and betrayal of the past and find the love that might have been?

A Star-Spangled Homecoming

By Leann Harris - Multi-published author
When Star Taylor returns home to Alpine, Texas to finish her degree at McDonald Observatory, the last thing she expects is run into her high school boyfriend, Bart Hays. The man is a widower with a five-year-old son. Will romance win this time? Or will the circumstances of today drown out their growing love?

Firecracker Bride
By Anne Greene - Multi-published and multi-award winning author
1879 – Cat Divine resists stage robbers, her demanding father, gossiping neighbors, and flash floods. But can she resist Travis McGuire, a hero with a heart and bravery as big as his Texas home? 

Someone Special
By Kathy Wall - Multi-published author

Charlotte O’Malley and Howard Wiseman pull off the scam of the century by tricking her mother into believing she’s getting serious over a guy. Charlotte, graduate student in medical nuclear engineering, is only interested in her research. They never lied, only implied what Mom wanted to believe. Averting Mom’s questions on wedding, family, and kids is more difficult than anticipated. On July 4th, Charlotte discovers rainbows and dreams do come true. Will it last?

Artemisian Summer
By debut author Rachael Acree
Abigail Cartwright thought her heart was broken beyond repair, but an impulse decision to teach archery might just change that. Over the summer at Camp Wanahakaluge, God heals her broken heart and restores her faith in people.

A Cry for Independence

By debut author Joy Massenburge
Some cry wolf, Tammie Morris cries independence after another failed relationship. Can her son's father, Q, come back into her life and convince her reuniting their family under God is the freedom her heart seeks.

Explosions and Fireworks
By debut author Sara-Meg Seese
With only weeks to go before their wedding date, Athena is eager to marry her sweetheart Santiago when he finally returns home from his Army Reserves deployment. But a single phone call is the spark that turns their dreams of a perfect life together into a nightmare. Will their love survive the bad news bombardment?

I Got Your Back
By Lisa J Crane - multi-published Amazon author
Magnolia Ellison was the butt of cruel fat jokes most of her life. In college, she discovered her weight was the result of a prescription drug. Her study group had a big surprise when they coerced her into singing karaoke. Between the weight loss and that karaoke performance, Magnolia’s life was changed forever. Ten years later, she returns home for her high school reunion. Her high school crush, Reese Essex, always promised he’d have her back. But when he gets the chance to have her back for good, will he take the chance? 

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