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Traveling Abroad with Kyle Hunter + a Giveaway

It’s Wednesday, which means we’ve got another author interview for you. Today’s guest is someone I roomed with at the 2016 ACFW conference. She released her debut novel earlier this year, and it's a delight and privilege to introduce her to each of you.

Kyle Hunter

I wanted to write fiction since the age of ten. My first book was at the age of eleven, about the adventures of a frog and turtle. Though I got away from writing for many years, the desire never left me. So, in 2009 I finally dove back in. I was living in France at the time.

I love to read and write stories about strong women who still have flaws, but are ready to pursue their dreams, even if it takes them out of their comfort zone ... or their country. 

I write inspirational romance novels and women’s fiction with a twist: My characters sometimes go places. This led me to create the Love on the Move collection of novels. Readers can take a trip with them and experience their journeys. They can see how the characters’ lives unfold as they make decisions to trust God (or not) in their next steps, learning about themselves and their faith, and finding love along the way! 

I currently live in North Carolina but spent over a decade in France (where some of my books take place.) I also write non-fiction and teach French. In my free time I enjoy doing pottery and salsa dancing.

Connect with Kyle:


SW: Welcome to the Diamond Mine, Kyle. I am thrilled you could join us and share a little about yourself, your writing journey, and your debut novel. (Readers, I should mention here that the pictures in this post are all from Kyle's personal collection).
Let’s start with a quick round of this or that. 

Cake or cookies? 

KH: Cookies, though right now I’m trying hard to be disciplined and eat the right things! I never eat “industrial” cookies anyway but have a weakness for homemade…especially chocolate-chip coconut.

SW: Oh, those sound amazing! Morning or evening?

KH: I’m definitely a morning person. I feel more energetic and mentally sharp at that time. I can be creative in the evening too but start dozing off around 10:30.

SW: That's about the same time I shut down. Chocolate or vanilla? 

KH: Absolutely chocolate!  Dark only. It’s the European influence, I guess.

SW: Painting or drawing? 

KH: To do or to admire? I’m more of an artistic type, so I’ll opt for doing! I like doing both but am only average. I think my talents must lie in other areas!

SW: My sister got the artistic genes in my family, I try and steer away from most artwork. Painting pottery is the exception. It's so relaxing to me. 
Sandals or sneakers? 

KH: Both! I try to stay active but in North Carolina where we’re blessed with wonderful spring and fall (usually) and scorching summers, sandals are preferred.

SW: That was fun! Now that we’ve learned some basics about you, let’s go a little deeper.
A Parisian cafe. Welcome to Nikki's World!
After living in France for more than a decade and now living stateside, what do you miss most about living in another country and what don’t you miss at all?  

KH: After 13 years I was ready to come back to my own country, so I don’t have any regrets there. With so many years and experiences, though, it really feels like my second home. I miss some cultural things, like the way people linger at restaurants, buy produce at the open markets (which are set up twice weekly and easy to find!) as well as the beauty of nearly everything. I guess I’m just in love with France!

SW: I loved the open markets in the book. Speaking of, in One December, the heroine takes several trips to other countries during her year in Paris. Were you able to travel like this during your time in France?

KH: Yes, I did travel, but not as much as I would have liked. I still have a very long travel list, as well as my favorites I’d like to return to repeatedly, like Provence, Greece, London, and Italy! I’m planning to write novels in all of those places! (I have one in Provence already and am about to write another in the same area.)

Peaceful street on the Ile de Saint Louis (smaller of the 2 islands in the Seine)

SW: Italy is on my bucket list! On the flip side of the previous question, what one country or place that you have not yet been to would you most like to visit? 

KH: I’d love to go to Portugal. I’ve heard wonderful things about Lisbon in particular. Also, I had one trip to Spain, but was with friends and couldn’t explore as much as I wanted to. I’d like to see Seville and Barcelona. (That may be for next year!)

Book sellers along the Seine

SW: Your book touches on the complacency the French have toward Christianity. As a Christian living in a foreign country, what did you find most difficult or surprising? 

KH: I was in France in a ministry role, so I encountered this fact daily, the French indifference to Christianity, and the attitude that it was mainly for traditional holidays, but otherwise outdated. It was surprising the number of atheists in France, and many French people consider this a French cultural trait! If you look at their religious history, it’s tragic. The Reformation began very strong but was snuffed out with 200 years of brutality and wars of religion. Today there’s some distrust of small evangelical churches and ignorance about them. Churches and Christianity are slowly growing, however. God is still at work there.

Notre Dame Cathedral
SW: Amen! You’ve published some non-fiction works. Share with us a bit about the decision and journey to fiction. 

KH: As I mentioned in my bio, I wanted to be a fiction writer since the age of 10. The decision to write non-fiction began as a desire to create something that would be useful, fun to write, able to take me back to France, and also help finance me until I could publish fiction! I write travel books for France and I blog through Oliver’s France, a website I created. I also wrote a French language book for travelers. But fiction has always been the main goal for me. I discovered I enjoy writing non-fiction too, but it doesn’t thrill me in the same way as creating a scenario and setting where characters interact with each other, with God, and with themselves, facing challenges, growing, etc. That is thrilling for me, and I’d say it is my main calling. 

SW: From cheerleaders to critique partners to beta readers, reviewers, and more, every writer has a support system behind them. Tell us a little about who makes up your team. 

KH: I live in Raleigh, NC and about a year ago we got our own ACFW chapter. I joined right away and have really enjoyed our meetings. We have speakers, encourage each other, give critiques, network, and sometimes reviews. It’s wonderful to be part of this community, because I was alone as a writer for many years. Now I feel part of a community. As a newer writer, I can learn from the experience of others. I’ve been encouraged by their helpfulness.

SW: The ability to spend time with other authors is such a blessing for authors since writing
Island in the Seine River
is so often a solitary experience. What are some of your plans for your upcoming trip to France (anyone else want to try and sneak into Kyle’s luggage)?  

KH: The last novel I wrote was called Prodigals in Provence and is my next one to be published. This takes place in a gorgeous area of Provence called the LubĂ©ron, where there are hilltop villages, vineyards, and a lot of history. I’m now planning a sort of sequel to that book, to continue the journey of the character’s best friend, Lauren. That will take place in a town called Cavaillon, in the same area. Part of my goal in going on this trip to Provence is to research for that book. Since I also have a France travel blog, I’ll take a lot of photography and video of Provence, Lyon, and Paris while I’m there. I’ll also reconnect with old friends and enjoy tearing across France from the south to the north! (and catch up on my croissant and cheese consumption!)

SW: Nikki and Mike go on very different journeys in One December. Share with us some of the motivations behind the book. 

KH: I was intrigued by the idea of two people who had known each other since childhood but come together much later as adults and as believers. That being said, Mike and Nikki were still not ready for each other. Things get started between them but they’re pulled away for a time, while all the while there’s the thread tying them together as they grow through their individual change journeys. I won’t get more detailed than that, but hopefully that will intrigue potential readers!

Arc of Triumph
SW: As we all know, reading is a personal experience. We all leave a story with different takeaways. What do you most hope your readers come away from your books with? 

KH: Hope in the growth process as well as the idea that God is really at our center as believers, and relationships are complementary, yet important. Mike and Nikki each have a different perception of relationships and how these balance with one’s relationship with God.

SW: And a reminder that while the answer we seek might not be yes or no. Sometimes the answer is wait. What are you working on now? Can we expect more travels to foreign places in future stories? 

KH: The next book to be published takes place in Provence, France. As I mentioned, the next project will be a follow-up of that book. I want to have ongoing books in the Love on the Move series, which will take readers to other places, not just France. Eventually I’d also like to write in other genres, like romantic suspense. 

Thank you for spending some time with us this week and congratulations on your debut novel. I’m looking forward to what you’ve got in store for readers next. For those wanting their first taste of Kyle's books, she's offering an eBook to one of you! Keep reading for details on the giveaway.

About the Book

Nikki has loved Mike for as long as she can remember (as early as age seven!) Mike has his own past hurts to resolve, having lost both parents in an accident when he was fourteen. He’s tried to escape those painful memories by leaving New York and starting a new life on the West Coast. New facts indicate, years later, that his parents’ deaths might not have been an accident. 

At Christmas Mike comes back to New York for the first time in three years. He and Nikki rekindle the friendship they had as children and share their newfound faith. Under a Christmas moon romantic sparks fly . . . but their mutual attraction takes an unexpected detour. 

Nikki is devastated, believing her one chance for a relationship with Mike is over. She impulsively takes a one-year teaching opportunity in Paris, so that she can face her own fears and get over Mike. 

If Mike and Nikki run away, how can they find each other again? 

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Kyle is generously offering one of our readers an eBook of One December. To enter, simply leave a comment below and let us know what country you would visit if time and money were not an issue. Be sure and let us know how to contact you if you win. Let us know you followed Kyle Hunter on social media or signed up for her newsletter to get an extra entry in the drawing. 

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Arletta Boulton said...

There are so many European countries I would love to visit. We went to a few last year but only spent time in Paris, in France. So, I'd love to return to France but drive around the countryside and see the southern part. Maybe go into Spain and/or Switzerland too.


Terri Wangard said...

Congratulations on your release, Kyle!
Germany is at the top of my list. I'd love to see where my ancestors lived. I'd also like to view WWI battlefields in France.

Suzie Waltner said...

Arletta- Kyle just released her second book (Prodigals in Provence) that takes readers outside of Paris last week! I can't wait to read more about that area in the new book! Thank you for dropping by.

Terri - My ancestors are German as well. There are so many beautiful places and countries I'd like to visit too.

Kyle said...

I think Europe really strikes a chord with many of us. I hope that my characters' visits to Europe and other parts of the world will inspire all of us!

Kay Garrett said...

I would love to travel back to what use to be Hungary. I say that because through time the borders of Hungry and Austria have changed several times. I'd love to go there to try to explore my family roots. My Grandfather came from that part when he was a young man to the United States where he very soon changed his name and took on a new life. No one in the family has any history of that side of the family from my Grandfather back. They only way we knew his parent's names were from his naturalization papers. In fact, it was by pure accident that my Dad found out that their name had been changed when he was a boy. He found a board with this strange word on it and when he inquired about it he was told he was their name before his Dad changed it but that was all he was told. So after the board disappeared and it was never mentioned again.

Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book!
2clowns at arkansas dot net

Kyle said...

That is a fascinating story, Kay! Sounds like the beginning of a great novel! Kyle