Thursday, June 7, 2018


Hi everyone, I must begin by saying "I'm sorry." When husbands retire households can sometimes be thrown into a tizzy...which is what happened to me yesterday. So let's get on with this interview, Julie. And I see you've brought your side-kick and star of the past Bunco Biddies books. Janie, we're delighted to have you with us today.Can you tell us a little about Janie before we hand the microphone to her?

Sure DiAne, Janie Manson is the widow of a renowned big city detective. She has a sixth sense when it comes to solving crimes. (Much to the chagrin of her son-in-law who is now Chief Detective in Alamoville, a boom-town in Central Texas.)

Oh, I see family turmoil as well as a mystery. Janie, tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, I live in Sunset Acres, which is a 55 plus community outside of Austin and Alamoville on the eastern edge of the Texas Hill Country. I host Bunco games in my condo every Thursday night. I try to visit my friends in the assisted living section as often as I can, and help out part-time in the manager’s office. Oh, yes. I do power walk most mornings around the community streets and golf course. It works out to about a mile and a half.  I am fairly active in my church. And, occasionally I help out my son-in-law, Blake, in solving crimes. Mostly background work, you know. Though a couple of times it has gotten a bit, well, dicey.

QUESTION TO THE READERS: Have you ever participated in a research project, or helped solve a mystery?  You can answer in the comments. If you do, you may win an ebook copy of my latest sleuthing, Til Dice Do Us Part. (You can answer any one of the four questions in this interview.)

Janie, what happened on this latest caper? Did you get Blake in trouble with his superiors again?

Well, no.  Actually, Blake really took the bull by the horns this time. Made me proud as punch. But I inadvertently hurt one of my dearest friends in the process. I didn’t mean to, you understand. I was only trying to keep George from pacing the floor the day of the wedding.  Afternoon weddings are so hard on grooms-to-be. Besides, he’d helped Blake before. How was I to know he’d disappear and get into danger?

QUESTION TO THE READERS: Have you ever done something with good intentions only to find it didn’t turn out well?  How did you handle that?

I hope all turned out okay and the crime was solved…

I can’t go into detail, of course. That would ruin the mystery. But new characters are introduced, including a very intuitive little waif who frequents the ER and clinic waiting rooms. She becomes instrumental in finding out what dicey deals are going on behind the curtains at Memorial Mercy Hospital.

How in the world did this adventure begin?

Innocently. We were all decorating for Betsy Ann and George’s bridal shower when dear Ethel
wobbled on the ladder and fell. I went with her in the ambulance to the ER to check on her injured shoulder (thank the Lord it was not broken) but while she was waiting for an MRI, she thought she overheard a crime being plotted in the next curtained-off unit. Except no one was admitted to that bed. Blake thought it might have been the pain killers, she is sensitive to them. But my detective tickle told me otherwise.

QUESTION TO THE READERS:  Do you ever have an inkling something’s not quite right even when others dismiss it? Or do you think it is just your imagination?

Well, it sounds as if you got into a bit of a mess this time. Where can people find out whodunit and what happened?

All of my adventures with the Bunco Biddies Mysteries are available on in ebook or print. You can read about them on my author’s website . This one, Til Dice Do Us Part releases June 15th but the ebook is on preorder.

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Wow, what a treat. I know of several readers who will love this. And to the rest of you, the best way to say thank you to an author is to go to Amazon and leave a review of how well you liked her gift of words. Thank you ladies. This was fun. And don't forget to comment to the questions for your chance to win!

Today, one commentor will receive an ebook of Til Dice Do Us Part.

Oh, one more thing, DiAne. Did I mention that my author, Julie B Cosgrove, is also a digital missionary? She is on staff with The Life Project and writes and edits devotionals and inspirational articles which have over 600.000 clicks a month! She could use your prayers and financial support in any amount to continue this vital ministry. No mystery there!


Barbara Britton said...

Hi Julie,

What a thought provoking interview. I love the premise for your series.

Gay N. Lewis said...

I enjoyed the interview. I've read all the books so far and look forward to this one.

DiAne Gates said...

Four days left to answer one of the questions posed by Julie's star protagonist in The Bunco Biddies Series and have your name in the hat for her new book. Better hurry!

Julie B Cosgrove said...

Thx, Gay

Julie B Cosgrove said...

Thanks, Barbara

DiAne Gates said...

Drum roll is in order!!!! Barbara Britton, you've been selected to win a copy of Julie Cosgrove's book! Yay for you! Please message either me or Julie with your information so she can get the book to you. Thanks for commenting, Barbara.

Barbara Britton said...

Thank you DiAne and Julie! I can't wait to read this fun story.

Renee Blare said...

I love this series, Gay! I can't wait to read this one. :)