Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Anne Carol's New Release and a Giveaway, Too!

Hello dear readers! Amidst the mess of this year, I bet reading has been a great way to cope with all the crazy. This has been my year to find many new authors who have become favorites. How about you? Check out Anne Carol’s new release NEVER GIVE UP. Maybe she’s a new-to-you author who will become a favorite. Also enter the giveaway below.


 Love never fails.

The final book of the Faithfully Yours series begins as English guitarist David Somers and his California-bred wife Beth celebrate ten years together. Their anniversary comes on the heels of a big move from England to California. Leaving his years of band life behind, David—now a father of two—decides to pursue a solo music career in Los Angeles.

Beth is thrilled to return to her home state and immediately enrolls at a local university, determined to finish her writing degree. Meanwhile, David struggles to adjust to life in his adopted country, and when his music career is hampered by unexpected health issues, he gradually descends into a dark place where even Beth cannot seem to reach him. As married life spirals out of control, this young family becomes desperate for a miracle.

Just when things seem hopeless, a friend steps in with a powerful message that could rescue the Somers from a crushing downfall. Will evil win out and succeed in destroying their family, or will David and Beth renew their commitment, never giving up hope for restoration?


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Anne, thanks for joining us. Tell us some interesting facts about your work as an author.


1.     As Christian writers, we long to share God’s love, goodness, and grace with others through our writing. But quite often our stories speak to us as much as our readers. How did God use this story to help you stretch and grow as a person?


It took me over two years to write Never Give Up, and I actually came close to giving up several times! I struggled a lot, spiritually and emotionally, while writing this book and marketing my three previous books. So many times, I felt forgotten by the writing community – and God. It’s very hard to write when the enemy is feeding you lies – that nobody cares, you’re a joke, you aren’t good enough, etc. Last year, I lamented to a few writing friends, and I cringe when I think about the pity parties I had. Finally, a couple of friends gave it to me straight about how I need to get past these negative emotions and trust God. So, over the past year, I’ve buried myself in the Word and have had a daily dialogue with God. I poured all my emotions into my characters and worked out issues through them. As they’ve learned truths, so have I. Now I can’t wait to write more books so I can continue this spiritually therapeutic process! I honestly feel like my relationship with God has grown deeper. I hope my readers are inspired by the transformations of my characters over the entire four-book series.


2.     What is the quality you like the most about your heroine?


I admire Beth’s patience with David, that she supported him and put off her dreams for years to allow his dreams to be fulfilled. In Never Give Up, she finally has a chance to work on her own career goals, and she juggles college and motherhood to make that happen. So, I also love her tenacity in finishing her degree. 


3.     Being a writer is a busy life, isn’t it? I’m sure you’re working on something new to intrigue your readers. What’s in the works for you right now?


While I was waiting in between edits for Never Give Up, I began planning a new short story to use as a newsletter freebie after the holidays. My current freebie is a Christmas story set at a California winery. The new story, titled “Forever Young”, will be a romance set in current day and in 1987 (Daughter needs relationship advice and mother flashes back to her similar relationship issues). It’s been fun planning out the playlist, since I love 80s music!

Beyond that, I have a new novel I’d like to write for a proposal, to try for traditional publishing. The working title is “Not of This World”, and it’s based (loosely) on my own testimony. This is a standalone novel, with a potential to be part of a three-book series.

I also plan to write another self-published novel, titled “Backstage Baby” about a girl who runs away from home and gets caught up in the groupie lifestyle, and how God pursues her through an old childhood friend. This story is set in the 1980’s, and the heroine, Chelsea, has a cameo in my third novel, Never Change. This novel is planned for a Spring 2022 release.


4.     Do you have a set writing time every day or do you write in a more organic way?


My ideal writing time is 9-4 (ish) on the days I don’t work at my accounting job. I’m an “almost” empty-nester, and I have taken over my younger son’s bedroom while he’s away at college! My older son is a sophomore at junior college, and he uses our home office, while my husband camps out in our family room for his workday. Having a quiet room to myself has really helped me maintain this writing schedule. My son will be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I’ll have to adjust while he’s home!


5.     What characteristics do you value most in your heroes?


My current hero and the ones I plan to write about are all musicians. Music and musicians will almost always be an integral part of my stories. My heroes are also loyal, caring, protective, vulnerable in some way, and kind-hearted.



 Since my current release is the fourth and final book of my romance/women’s fiction series, I will gift one commenter a set of all four eBooks. To enter your name, tell me your favorite Christmas tradition. Extra entries if you follow me on any of my social media sites! (Make sure to comment where you’re following). Please include your email if you’d like to enter the giveaway. 


Author Bio

Anne Carol grew up in the 1980’s, reading, writing, and listening to English rock bands. She continues to have one foot in the past, listening to classic alternative rock and watching old sitcoms. Anne writes about swoony musicians and, while she keeps a thread of hope in her emotion-packed stories, she doesn’t shy away from tough subject matter. When she’s not writing, Anne enjoys reading, traveling, hanging out with friends, wine tasting, and spending time with her husband and two teenage sons. She resides in Northern California, where most evenings you can find her curled up in front of a Hallmark movie with red wine and dark chocolate.


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Erin Unger said...

Thanks for being on The Diamond Mine, Anne!

Kay Garrett said...

My favorite Christmas tradition was my Dad always arriving very early so he could go down the hall saying “Hohoho Santa’s been here!” and waking up our daughter to go see what was under the tree. It was a tradition that we all loved – including his granddaughter. When she had just turned a teenager, she actually woke up very early to get dressed and fixed up (you know teenagers when it comes to having their photos taken) and then crawled back into bed just so Pappaw could “wake her up” Christmas morning like he always did. I cherish these memories since both Dad and our daughter are together now having Christmas in heaven. <3 Mom joined them a few years later.

It’s now just hubby and I and holidays have changed, but we still make them special and fondly remember the family gatherings and memories of Christmas' past. We REMEMBER THE REASON FOR THE SEASON and cherish our time together!
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Anne Carol said...

Kay, I love this memory. Sounds like your dad enjoyed cheering people up and wasn't afraid of a little fun! Thank you for sharing!

Erin Unger said...

I totally agree! That's a beautiful tradition and memory.