Thursday, June 10, 2021

Get Real with Your Favorite Author

 The Virtual Chat with Liz Bradford

Welcome to the Diamond Mine, everyone and I apologize for posting this late! As all of you know I am never one to be on time these days! LOL

Hi, it’s Renee Blare, your friendly Miner! Let me first say that this will be the LAST INTERVIEW ON THE DIAMOND MINE for me at least for a long while. I will be devoting my time to writing, advocating, and first and foremost, my husband. Life is taking more than I can balance at the moment and I finally feel like writing again.

That being said, I know I am handing over this blog into good hands. I trust Peggy and those under her wing to keep it about the ONE who keeps us all writing— The LORD.

And now let me introduce you to an amazing author who has helped me return my interviews to where I want them to be, Liz Bradford. I know you will love her and her books as much as I do, especially after this Diamond Mine Experience.

Who is Liz Bradford? Her Bio says the following:

Liz Bradford didn't always know she was a writer, but story ideas have always been a part of her life. When she finally took an idea seriously, she started writing and hasn't been able to stop. Even though Liz's heart yearns to live in the mountains of North Carolina, she and her husband live in northern Illinois where she homeschools their three daughters.

But is that really all she is? If you’re a reader and fan, you know she writes fabulous books! Do you know why? Do you know how? Well, I wanted to know. And a Q&A wasn’t good enough for me and I figured you needed more too.

So that’s what I wanted to bring to you. MORE. And this wonderful author was up for the challenge.

So without further jawing, here is our chat session about what it is like being an author and what it took to become and stay one with LIZ BRADFORD.

A Diamond Mine Interview with Liz Bradford

Liz has graciously offered to give her new release to one blog viewer/reader of this interview!

How do I enter?

Leave a comment on this blog post and ask your own “GET REAL” question for Liz!

She’ll choose a winner at the end of the “week” before the next post next Wednesday.
Hey, don’t forget to leave a contact email address!

About the Prize:

When a twelve-year-old girl is snatched from a local mall, the FBI will fight through flames to save her.

Over the years as an FBI agent, Dylan Harris has rescued numerous women and girls from the world of trafficking, but when a teenage girl is kidnapped from the mall, he is convinced something else is going on. Conflicting evidence puts him at odds with others on his team—especially the newest team member, his brother’s ex-girlfriend, Jacq Sheppard. 

As the case heats up, so does Dylan’s affection for Jacq. She's independent, adventurous, spunky. All the qualities he could hope for. But exactly the ones that his mother opposes. Living up to her standards is hard enough, especially in his brother's shadow, but tying his life to Jacq means existing as a disappointment to his mom forever. 

Sparks fly and disastrous choices are made as Jacq and Dylan fight to save the vulnerable girl from human trafficking. When the situation explodes, Dylan must douse his fears and go into the flames.

A Note from Renee Blare:

Thank you for making this blog a success over the years. I pray that you continue to draw blessings and direction from the Lord in Christian Fiction after all, we as writers, do not begin this journey for ourselves and we will not stop because of the success in the world’s terms. We do it for one purpose and that is to spread the one message that fills our hearts and minds— eternal hope in this life because of the eternal fellowship and life Jesus Christ gives to those who believe in Him and what He did for each and every one of us.

Renee Blare, RPh (disabled)

Do we deserve it? No. Do we miraculously turn into perfect human beings after accepting Him? I wish. LOL We are still the struggling, imperfect, sinful people who were born physically on Earth, however we have an all-powerful Savior we strive and work to learn how to emulate, walk with, and share with everyone we know and meet. And we stumble and fail as every Christian does— no matter what they or anyone they know says— we have a Friend who picks us up, brushes the dirt and/or mud off, and carries us the rest of the way or if it’s needed, carries us the entire way.

That’s the difference between being a Christian and not being one. Is it lonely? It can be. Is it hard? It can be. Is worth it? Yes.

AND as a Christian, we don’t get the luxury of retiring, hanging up the calling, or in our case as authors, the pen. So for now, I say, sayonara, ciao, arrivederci, au revoir— goodbye as I will return to my writing. 

I am still on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but interviewing needs to be set aside so I can focus on my stories. I love you all and will miss you! Who knows, maybe I’ll be back on the other side of the questions sometime soon.

Bye— for now. ⚜


Unknown said...

I have lots of stories in my mind, but the dialoguing is problematic. How do you work out what your characters say to one another?

Liz Bradford said...

I totally understand how that goes! Despite being a woman, I am not generally a talker, so I struggle with dialogue at times. The key is to write about what would naturally be said in the given situation. You don't need to include any small talk, which is often the hardest part for those of us who are introverts. The question is "what dialogue will move this plot forward?" And go from there. Blessings, Liz
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