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 Good morning everyone, I’m thrilled to introduce y’all to my long-time friend and author, Norma Vera.

Norma and I began our writing careers with North Texas Christian Writers where we were both ‘bout as green as blackberries in May. LOL!

Welcome to the Diamond Mine, Norma. I’m so glad to have you with us today.

Thank you, so great to be here and for this wonderful opportunity to let other writers and readers know who I am!

Let’s jump right into some of the questions our readers want to know. Norma, when did you begin writing and what was your first book? How long did it take you to write it?

A children’s book called, Fibbie. About a little worm who lied…all the time…until he learned a hard lesson about lying. I can’t remember how long it took to write and I have no idea what happened to the manuscript. But my first published book was “Grandma, Teach Me Wisdom.”

Was there a certain point you knew God was calling you to write? When? And what was your first book of obedience to Him?

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been writing. Even as a child I knew there was a writer inside me—just can’t pinpoint the moment God called me to write…just remember asking Him to let me write and be published. My first published book was “Grandma, Teach Me Wisdom.”

Tell us a little about your family, where you grew up, and tell us a little bit about what you know the Lord is calling you to write in the future.

I grew up in a small town south of Lubbock, Texas. I am the mother of four grown children—one daughter and three sons. I have six grandchildren, and many precious great grandchildren.

And I continue to feel God is calling me to write bilingual children’s and wisdom books.

Now you’ve gone to braggin’—LOL. Six grandchildren? You are surely blessed. For those of you who don’t know, Norma is also an artist and illustrator. When did you discover God had gifted you with that talent? And what is your favorite book you’ve illustrated?

I’ve only illustrated one book—my newest bilingual release—I Was Adopted…Soy Adoptada. I am teaching myself to illustrate…I’m more of a Bob Ross type artist…not really a cartoon artist. I realized my God given talent in the 2nd grade when I painted a horse from a magazine picture. My teachers couldn’t believe I’d done it. Then in 4th or 5th grade I copied an Easter bunny out of a book and my teacher made copies for the whole class to color for Easter.

And for our readers, this book has just been released by Amazon.

Can you share with our readers some of the doors God has opened for you after releasing your book The Midnight Cry? And why did you write this one?

One, to stop what I was doing and write a different book. I was reluctant, but obeyed. After it was finished, He asked me to translate it into Spanish— Un Grito En La Medianoche.

To my shock and surprise, this published book made its way all over Texas, then across the United States from California to New York in a matter of weeks. People bought them by the dozens, and someone bought a hundred to send to prisons, strangers, and loved ones everywhere.

An international radio ministry out of Dallas has asked to take this book to the international market. Even this week, a man took a bunch of them to Houston, and another friend took a bunch more to Mexico.  No other book I’ve written has been distributed as fast as these books. It is remarkable. Almost unbelievable. But we serve a remarkable God. I’ve been told this book made some cry. Others that this book covers every area of salvation. It’s humbling to see what God does…when we obey Him.

We always have new aspiring writers viewing these interviews, Norma. You and I are probably older than many of our readers. What is the one piece of wise counsel you want to share with these new writers…something you’ve had to learn the hard way?

DON’T EVER GIVE UP! If no doors open for you, just keep on writing anyway. God will open the doors in due season. Most of the books I am publishing today are thirty or forty years old, and have been written, rewritten, and rewritten again. And I still have many unpublished manuscripts—Jesus will probably return before they are all published. Maybe this is just training and I’m going to write for all eternity! Wow…wouldn’t that be amazing?

 Oh, my goodness, Norma! I thought I was the only one with manuscripts written in years gone by. If you look at the dates on my illustrations in The Master’s Plan Series, you’ll find I did the illustrations and original manuscript in the 1980’s. God has certainly been patient with us old gals, hasn’t He?

I know you were very ill and hospitalized with Covid last year. Are there any words of encouragement you can give our readers about what God taught you during this time of uncertainty? And any other words of wisdom you’d like to share with readers and writers today?

This Covid experience was hard, but at the same time, a wonderful experience. I was hospitalized most of January 2021 and the Lord was with me every moment. We fellowshipped twenty-four-seven. Jesus has a wonderful sense of humor and He made me laugh so hard. For months after I left the hospital I couldn’t stop laughing. I’ve never in my entire life felt so happy. It never crossed my mind I could have died. Later I was shocked to find my children were preparing for my funeral. That part broke my heart.

What did I learn? Life is short—live it to the fullest. Laugh all you can and stay focused on what matters most in life—like God and family. Don’t sweat the small stuff—wasted time. God loves and cares for you. That’s all that matters!

Thank you so much for being with us today and sharing your story, my dear friend.

Thank you and the readers and writers of The Diamond Mine. I’ve enjoyed talking with each one of you today. I would love to give a copy of The Midnight Cry to one of the readers.

What a great treat, Norma. Okay y’all, for an opportunity to register to win a copy of Norma’s book, answer this question…WHAT IS THE ONE THING I’VE NEGLECTED TO DO THAT GOD HAS TOLD ME TO DO? Don’t make this harder than necessary. Could be you rolled out of bed this morning and God told you to clean house…and you’ve put it off. Or perhaps He reminded you to call a friend…what are you waiting for? Fess up, share with us, then do what God told you to do! And Norma and I both know God will bless your obedience too!

I’ve listed the Amazon addresses where you can find Norma’s books, including her soon-to-be released, I Was Adopted. And it’s bilingual print… Soy Adoptada.

 Norma’s Books:








Carlene said...

Sweet interview!

Gail Pallotta said...

Hi Norma,

I enjoyed reading about your books and artwork. It's nice to meet you. Congratulations.

Jackie Layton said...

HI Norma,

It's great to meet you here. You've given us all inspiration to follow God's call on our writing and our lives.

Jim Stow said...

Hi Norma,

Thank you for your advise regarding the importance of both listening to God and the importance of humor. I already knew this, but it was a great reminder. I love humor and I know how important it is to listen when God is speaking to me, but sometimes I get too involved in other things.

I also appreciated reading how you took the negative of being hospitalized with Covid and turned it into such a positive of visiting with Jesus. His presence is so wonderful.

I really enjoyed your entire interview.

Blessings, Jim Stow

PS. If you need to get in touch with me, DiAne has my contact information.

Norma Vera said...
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Norma Vera said...

Thank you Jim that was very kind. Please go to my gmail and sign up for a free book.

Norma Vera said...

Please go to my gmail and sign up for a free book. norma.writer@gmail.com
Thank you.

DiAne Gates said...

This is the last day to sign up for Norma's give-a-way...a copy of The Midnight Cry! Don't miss out on this one...great book!