Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Interview and Giveaway with Author Peggy Trotter

I'm excited to introduce you to one of Diamond Mine's authors, Peggy Trotter.

When Peggy Trotter’s not crafting or DIY-ing, she’s immersed in a story scene of some sort, always pushing toward that sigh-worthy, happily-ever-after ending. Two kids, two in-law kids, and four grandchildren are the delight her life, as well as her Batman of 37 years whose cape is much worn from rescuing his wife from one predicament or another.


On a dusty shelf lies a couple of writing honors like the prestigious ACFW Genesis Award, Novella category, even though she writes full-length historical and contemporary Ransomed-Ever-After Fiction. She strives to bring characters and storylines alive to reveal God’s guiding providence and unending love.


Always on a search to find one of her many pairs of glasses, Peggy’s a smoldering pot of determined discombobulation who, by the grace of God, occasionally pulls it together to appear in public as a normal, confident woman while privately craving a few hermit hours to woo the printed word.

A few fun facts about Peggy--

Given the choice of:

Coffee, tea, or water? Water

M&Ms or Skittles? M & M’s

Cat or Dog Person? Bothish~I have 5 cats but love my son’s Great Danes!

Favorite Song? Right now is Until Grace by Tauen Wells and Gary LeVox

Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter? SUMMER!!!

What genre do you enjoy reading?

Mostly I read Historical fiction. But, I have found I really enjoy biographies as well. So when I’ve had enough petticoats and wagon wheels, I peruse the biography section.

Which is your favorite book youve written so far? Why?

I have two. Year of Jubilee was super fun because it was the first one and that story had lived in my brain for at least a decade. But also The Lowborn Lady. The main character actually had its start in Year of Jubilee, so I waited several years to put her to page. I enjoyed giving Rhapsody pluck, boldness, and just a dash of arrogance. But mostly, I love redeeming her ugly character, watching her grow into this person who really saw and cared for people.

Tell us about your latest release:

The Lowborn Lady came out in December and it is the second book of the series Society of Outcasts. Rhapsody Hastings carries a deep set guilt about the death of her first husband. So when her carriage breaks down on a dark country road, and she’s caught in the arms of a ruffian, Cavanaugh Blackledge, she must wed him to still rumors and save her reputation. So, she accepts the arrangement as her own personal penance. Yet, her new husband’s unexpected mission wakens her dead heart despite the fact that a high society lady shouldn’t be involved with such…dangerous illegal conspiracies. 

Do you find yourself returning to a similar theme in your novels or do you have a new message with each release?

I like to redeem unredeemable characters. Personalities that are at the end of their rope, the bottom of the pit, at the point of no return, completely desperate. Because that is usually where God meets us, isn’t it? I love the quote from the Bible about the prodigal son when that proverbial light bulb explodes in his head. The KJV says, “When he came to himself…” Luke 15:17a. Isn’t that just the way it happens? We finally, after searching, trying, working, striving, realize that all our ambitions and effort are useless and futile without God.

Did you enjoy creating one character more than another? If so, why?

Rhapsody possessed some haughty, arrogant undertones at the beginning of the story and it was fun to create her personality. I found myself having to rewrite certain sections to give her more snootiness. But in reality, she’d had a very important epiphany, and it was a joy to transform her character to be more like Christ.

Just for fun--As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot? Why?

A horse, or rather a trotter, LOL. Mainly because I have always adored horses. My childhood and adolescence was spent reading books about horses, both fiction and nonfiction, and because thoroughbreds were my favorite, following the Triple Crown winners. I remember poring over a particular book that displayed the various breeds of horses in full color. That was a treasured book.

If you'd like to win a copy of The Lowborn Lady:

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Kay Garrett said...

Good afternoon Peggy!

Enjoyed reading the interview and learning a big more about the person behind the books. Had to laugh when I seen cats and Great Dane in the same section. That has to be some combination and a sight to see if both are together.

Would love the opportunity to read "The Lowborn Lady". Thank you for the chance to win a copy. Shared and hoping to be the very fortunate one selected.
2clowns at arkansas dot net

Peggy Trotter said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kay Garrett! Yes, it is quite a clash, kittens and Great Danes. But those big, awkward, Scooby-Do-ish pups have stolen my heart! Good luck with the drawing!

Janice Reamer said...

I enjoyed the interview with the author. She writes so well.

Terrytribe said...

I always enjoy reading your books! Can’t wait to read this new one!

Anonymous said...

Love all your books. You are so amazing!

Peggy Trotter said...

Thanks so much, Janice!!! I appreciate my readers, Terrytribe and Anonymous! Thanks for following along with my books. And good luck with the drawing!

Kathleen L. Maher said...

Your biography is a hoot! I relate on so many levels. And Great Danes are awesome, aren't they? I never knew we had so much in common. Brilliant minds.... :-)

Library Lady said...

I volunteer in the Church Library and have for 43 years.
Our readers are going to love your books and
I will too.
Thanks for entering me in your giveaway.
Janet Estridge

Peggy Trotter said...

Haha! Thanks Kathleen. And Library Lady, thanks for stopping in and good luck!

Dianna said...

New author for me, thanks !