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Love Inspired Historical Author, Megan Besing is No Mix-Up

You read that right readers! It’s no mix-up that Megan Besing has released her Love Inspired Historical Book, The Rancher’s Want Ad Mix-Up. And we have her right here with us this week. It’s also no mix-up that we have a triple giveaway this week! Keep reading to find out more!

PT: Welcome Megan and congrats on the new release! Everyone just loves those mail-order bride stories!

So tell us, did writing success take the “slow road” or the “Indy 500 track?” Tell us a bit about that journey.

MB: Probably somewhere in the middle. It sure felt slow at the time and had been curves along the way. I had a chance to “fast-track” with an earlier story, but I’m glad I waited and honed my writing skills. I’ve written in several genres, and honestly, I like to write lots of genres, but historical will always have a special place in my heart because it’s how I became a published author. Historicals are also special because I once said I could never write one, and God showed me otherwise.

PT: Haha! Never say never, right? I think God likes to laugh at our mixed-up plans. What made you want to tell Della Mae and Hank’s story? How did you decide the setting?

MB: Della and Hank’s story came when Love Inspired had a contest for new historical book ideas. I wasn’t writing that genre, so I simply told several of my author friends about the opportunity. But then, the contest kept popping up in my head, followed by an idea: what if a teacher arrived and everyone thought she was there to be a mail-ordered bride?

I thought if I tried writing a historical for the contest, I wouldn’t have anything really to lose. And I’m so glad I did. Even though the story didn’t make it to the final portion of the contest at that time, it gave me the courage to write a historical.

For The Rancher’s Want Ad Mix-Up, I wanted the setting to be somewhere that was special to me, so I picked Missouri, where my grandparents used to live. However, I had originally placed the story in the southeastern corner of the state, but since Hank’s property needed oil on the land, upon research, that location wouldn’t work. I did discover that oil was found on the western portion of the state, which seemed like the perfect spot for Hank and Della’s story.

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A mail-order mistake…
 Or a made-to-be match?

 When Della Mae Wagner’s train arrives in Missouri, she’s shocked to find that the couple who hired her don’t just want a teacher for their grandsons but a wife for their son! After a broken engagement, marriage is not in Della’s plans. And Hank Lamson isn’t pleased—with his parents, with his unexpected guest or with Della’s unfairly appealing smile. But his plans to send her packing are foiled as his family comes to love her…and he feels the walls around his wounded heart start to fall.

PT: Love the cover! Now, I’m always interested in author’s writing spaces, where they all get creative. Tell about your place for writing.

MB: Most of the time I try to write in my “writing room”. It’s actually a little shed outside by our lake. It’s not big or fancy. At one point it was even a greenhouse, but it’s my favorite place to write. My husband put electricity in there for me so I could run a little heater and keep my computer charged. Now, it only needs air conditioning.

PT: What part about writing is hardest for you?

MB: Commas and spelling. 😊 Marketing and writing a synopsis make my brain hurt, but unfortunately they’re a part of the author’s job.

PT: How did you come up with the cute idea of a pet chicken? (Yes, there really is a pet chicken in the book!)

MB: We’ve had chickens for several years and my in-laws have had them even longer, and Mabel seemed like a natural pet and “friend” little Wallie might have.

PT: Tell 5 things fast about Megan Besing that have nothing to do with writing.


1. I drink tea almost every morning.

2. I love the beach and vacations in general.

3. I play piano at our church.

4. Polka dots are my favorite color.

5. And my mom’s cheesecake is my favorite “cake”.

 PT: What are your next plans for writing?

My next book comes out April 2023. It’s a suspense set in author Lisa Phillip’s Last Chance County. It will be published by Sunrise Publishing.

 PT: Wow! Congrats! Readers will definitely be looking for your next book. Thanks Megan for joining us today!

And in case you didn't know, Megan is my daughter. I love having the privilage of interviewing her while being so proud of her writing success! Now, onto those giveaways. Megan is giving away TWO Great is Thy Faithfulness bookmarks. And in celebration of my new book that released on June 1st, I'm giving away one copy of The Spellbound Schoolmarm! That's three, THREE opportunities to win a prize this week! Wahoo! To enter, leave your email in the comments or on our contact form.


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Despite always adoring happily-ever-afters, Megan Besing didn't unlock a love for reading until her mid-twenties, which quickly expanded into writing. Her own stories have won many awards, including the Selah for her novella, Perfect for the Preacher, along with the Pre-published Maggie for The Rancher’s Want Ad Mix-Up. And now she’s thrilled to be a Sunrise Publishing author. However, her most cherished achievements are being a wife and mother.

She lives in a pocket-size Indiana town, centered around extended family, where she's always planning a road trip with a view. Yet, her favorite place may just be on her front porch drinking tea. Connect with Megan at meganbesing.com.


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