Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Interview and book giveaway with Gay N. Lewis!!

Sarah and a Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island

She can fly but can she swim? Dyslexic and bumbling angel, Sarah, comes to earth to unite Carolyn with a mate. Poopty doopty! She must do it on a ship while Carolyn cruises to Catalina Island. Sarah fears falling into the ocean, and she’s horrified soggy wings will drown her.  On this mission, Talen, an evil spirit is assigned to thwart Heaven’s Little Love Angel’s efforts. Tomas, the Warrior Angel, must protect Sarah. Can Tomas succeed without Sarah goofing up the war between the holy and unholy spirits? Will Talen succeed in spoiling Carolyn’s romance?

Today on The Diamond Mine, we're going to listen in on an interview with Sarah, the angel who stars in the series of books by Gay N. Lewis. So prepare for a fun ride on the Sarah roller coaster, and don' forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of this delightful book. And here we go!!

Sarah has been making the rounds of television shows. She’s promoting the latest book about her, Sarah and the Midnight Ride to Catalina Island. A movie producer, Darcy DoGood, employed by Pie in the Sky contacted her producer, Gay N. Lewis, for an interview with Sarah. Gay made the arrangements and then recorded the dialogue.

Darcy:        I understand you’ve had many assignments on Earth. What was the latest one that brings you down here to us?

Sarah:       “My duties this time were soooo scary. I had to go on a cruise to Catalina Island and the sea makes me dizzy. I feared the ship might sink, or I might fall off the boat before the thing went into the deep like the Titanic did. Carolyn Baker, a college student who works in a mall, chose this trip for a vacation. Her dad had recently died, and she was grieving. Two men introduced themselves to her on board, and I had to discover which one was the right man for her.”

Darcy:        “You’ve done that before. What made this mission different?”

Sarah:        “I had a wicked spirit named Talen who wanted to thwart my efforts. I’d never tangled with an evil one before, so that complicated matters.”

Darcy:        “Now that sound chilling. What happened?”

Sarah:        “He has the same powers as me, but he uses them for evil. He appeared many times as a human. I used my spontaneity to prevent his moves, but he tricked me into going to Cloud Nine. He planned to banish me, but Tomas, the Warrior Angel, rescued me. If you’d been on Earth, you’d have seen an incredible lightening display taking place in The Heavenlies as the two clashed their swords.”

Darcy:        “I’m sure the fight presented a stormy scene to the watchers below. Did you goof up at all this time?”

Sarah:        “Oh my yes. Disguises are difficult for me. Carolyn and Nick toured Catalina Island, and I went with them in female form. People thought I resembled Dolly Parton, and I heard one woman tell another that I must have paid a fortune for my Botox. I guess she was talking about the brand of jeans I conjured up.”

Darcy:        “Anything else?”

Sarah:        “I accidently bopped into a hotel room and awoke a man and woman. I said that I was a therapist who made love connections. They told me they didn’t need any help and to leave immediately. I scared them when I disappeared.”

Darcy:        “You mentioned two suitors. Why was it difficult to decide which one was right for Carolyn?”

Sarah:        Carolyn lives in the Houston area, one of the men did too, but the other man came often on business. Both wanted to date her when she returned to Houston. They were both handsome and charming, and each of them tried to sweet-talk his way into Carolyn’s life, but I discovered one was dishonest.”

Darcy:        “We women must be careful when dating. Men can fool us.”

Sarah:        “Yes, especially when an unholy angel like Talen comes into the mix.”

Darcy:        “Will you read an excerpt for us?”

Sarah:        “Gladly.  This one is from Chapter Eleven. Nick, one of the suitors and Carolyn are standing on deck gazing at Catalina Island.
Sarah hovered above Nick and Carolyn as they enjoyed each other’s company on the upper deck until the middle of the night. Their attraction seemed to grow with each passing moment, but was it real or merely the ambience of the evening?
Nick glanced at his watch. “Almost midnight. You know what happens at that magic hour?”
“I turn into a pumpkin?”
Nick’s laugh rang out, deep and melodious. “No. Tradition of the islands says fair maidens should be kissed at midnight.”
“I didn’t read that in any brochure. You’re making that up.”
“No, kissing on a ship at midnight with an island as a backdrop is a new ritual.”
“Oh, really. Whose?”
“Mine. I just established it.”

Darcy:        “Nick sounds charming. Did he win the hand of the fair maiden?”

Sarah:        “Sorry. I can’t say. You have to read the book. Gay N. Lewis would not be pleased if I told you everything.”

Well that was a fun glimpse into this latest adventure with Sarah! Don't forget to leave a comment so you'll be entered in the drawing! Here's a little about Gay N. Lewis, followed by her social and purchase links:

Gay N. Lewis has a background in video production and interior design. Her credits include Psalms from the Mountains, The Canadian Rockies and Many Churches, One Vision.  As a pastor’s wife and Adult Bible Study Leader, she has written numerous church programs and newsletters. She lives in Fulshear, TX, a small town west of Houston.

For more information, please go to http ://gaynlewis.com/
Read excerpts on www.prismbookgroup.com
Gay would love to have you see her video trailers and become a follower of her blog.
Sarah has her own Facebook page. Follow Sarah on Facebook@ Sarah Wingspand
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Gay Lewis said...

Thanks for having Sarah and me on this awesome blog! I'm looking forward to giving away this newest Sarah adventure!

Peggy Trotter said...

So glad you could be with us, Gay! This sounds like a fun adventure with a clumsy angel. Thanks for joining us on the Mine!

Gay Lewis said...

Visiting the Mine is my pleasure. Thanks Peggy.

Rebekah Millet said...

Sarah sounds like such a fun character! I can't wait to get to know her :-)

Gay Lewis said...

Sarah is a newbie angel and her antics bring us laughter. She learns on the job and makes bumbles galore.

Renee Blare said...

Hi Gay! It's good to see you on the Diamond Mine! :)

Gay Lewis said...

I love being here. Thanks for inviting me, Renee.