Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Best of Both Worlds with Author, Julie B. Cosgrove

You might say Julie B. Cosgrove is an oxymoron.  No, no. I’m not name-calling here! I’m calling attention to the fact that she’s seen the best of both worlds! Perhaps I could call her a Barefoot Ballerina??? But you find out for yourself. Wink.

PT:  All right Julie. Everyone on the edge of their seats to find out what makes you so unique. Give us your background, including some juicy stuff (LOL)

JC:  I’m a native Texan and a true Gemini. During the school year my heritage embedded me into the
high society realm of San Antonio. My mother made me take flower arranging, Cotillion dancing, ballet, piano, and etiquette classes after school in order to prepare me for my proper  place in the social strata.
But from Memorial Day to Labor Day, I lived barefoot and carefree at my family cabin in the Texas Hill Country on the Guadalupe River. We installed indoor plumbing and hot water when I was about ten. I still recall boiling water for my daddy to shave and shuddering at the daddy longlegs bouncing in the corners of the outhouse. I became an expert at shooting water snakes and cacti, riding bareback, and dancing the Cotton-eyed Joe at the local rodeo on Saturday nights. Unless we went into town for church, my wardrobe consisted of pjs at night and a bathing suit with cut-offs during the day. My first novel, Focused is slightly biographical as far as the location.

PT:  What a great way to grow up, having the advantage of seeing two worlds. Let’s get to your books. How many books do you currently have out now?

JC:  Trick question. I have three novels, two of them with Prism Book Group called Hush in the Storm and Legitimate Lies, plus three more contracted in various stages of editing. I also have five non-fiction books: three Bible studies, one devotional on the Psalms called Song Notes, and one inspirational guide called Squeeze More God-Time Into Your Day. You can preview them all on my website www.juliebcosgrove.com or my blog hhtp://wheredidyoufindgodtoday.com

PT: I love throwing this one out there. Quick, give us five things about you that people don’t know and don’t necessarily have to do with writing.

JC:  1) I am a third daughter, born to the third daughter, born to the third daughter, born to the third daughter. Yep, I broke the mold by only having a son. My niece, however, birthed three daughters.
       2) I wanted to be a ballerina with the Bolshoi. However, raised during the Cold War era, my father was not pleased with the idea of his daughter dancing with Russians. Since I ended up only  5’1 and of stocky build, I guess it was for the best that he squelched my aspirations early on.
       3.) I am a true Anglophobe, weaned on Earl Grey and cream. It is my heritage and denomination. My favorite authors growing up were all Brits. I love to snuggle up to a good British mystery be it in paperback or on Netflix or PBS.
       4.) My husband died in the shower getting ready for work when we’d just moved to the DFW area less than a year prior to that.
       5.) I love, love, love cats and would rather not be around dogs. My two “beastie Boys”, Buster and Black Kat, are my joy.

PT: Wow. That covered a lot. So sorry about your husband. I’ve gotta agree about the cats. Now lets go to the best place you’ve ever visited.

JC:  This will come as a giant surprise. I was blessed enough to go on a church sponsored tour of Southern England, and lived with an amazing couple for ten days in a fairytale Tudor village called Teffont just a short drive from Stone Henge. Each day, one of the villagers would accompany our private coach (a.ka.a bus) as we toured the area. Then  e sepnt four days in London.

PT:  Ahhh! Another British Chicky! LOL But let’s get back to right now. What’s the background of your current book?

JC:  Freed to Forgive launches now in October. It follows the story of an illegal teen who is trafficked to the U.S. at the age of twelve, and over the next ten years, struggles free from the shackles of sex slavery to discover she is worthy of love and a pearl of great price. But, the key to unlocking her emotional chains is forgiving those who trespassed against her. While the scenes realistically the world of trafficking, they are veiled as to hopefully not offend Christian readers. I cannot thank Prism Book Group enough for boldly contracting me to write this novel.

PT: I’ve read three of your other books and they are amazing. I love how you are letting people know about the inside nightmare that is sex-slavery right here in the United States. Future book plans?

JC:  I have the synopsis laid out for a cozy mystery series involving Bunco playing biddies in a 55+ community. The ring leader is concerned her son-in-law chief of police is way too over worked to spend quality time with her daughter and grandkids, so of course she has to help him solve the crimes, with a little help from her friends. I also have completed the first draft sequel to Focused, called Grounded and have plans for a third one called Rooted.

PT: So now you know why Julie B. Cosgrove is a delightful mix of opposites! And wait! There's even more!  This geneous author is giving away not only one book, but two of the series! This give you the leg up when her new installment arrives in October! Squeee! Leave a comment below to be entered to win BIG!

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Julie B Cosgrove is a freelance writer, professional speaker and novelist. She leads women's retreats and workshops as well as lecturing on how citizens can help thwart the spread of human trafficking in their communities. She writes regularly for several Christian publications and websites, including Faith-Filled Family Magazine, Good News Daily, Life.com, Thoughts About God, The Journey and Light from the Word. She has had three novels published with three more contracted and four more in the wings in various forms of completion. Julie has also published three Bibles studies, and two other non-fiction Christian works. 
She is a widow who lives in Fort Worth with two spoiled house cats. She is deeply involved in Toastmasters  and recently was awarded Outstanding Club President. She also is a part-time church secretary, directoress of her own church's altar guild, and president of the Cabinet which oversees all of the women's organizations in her Diocese throughout North Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.


Gay Lewis said...

Very interesting. I'm pleased to know more about Julie. I've already fallen in love with her books. She's an amazing author. At 5'1", she is taller than my daughters. Sorry to hear about her husband. That must have been traumatic.

Sharon McGregor said...

Wonderful interview. I love to hear about the background of fellow authors. We are such a varied group. Looking forward to your next release, Julie.

Gail Kittleson said...

So fun to read about your childhood summers, Julie. I really enjoy British lit/PBS too--and tea. Would love to get together for some Earl Grey on a beautiful TX morning…except I'm in Iowa.

And your novel topics--way to take on a tough one, w/the sex-trade. ARGH!!! I hope to get a glimpse of your writing style soon. Thanks for sharing so much.

Renee Blare said...

Hi Julie! Nice to see you here. What an awesome giveaway!

Lisa Lickel said...

Julie's stories are amazing. Thanks for sharing your history with us and blessings on the future stories. Looking forward to them.

Ann Ellison said...

I I have read and loved Julie's three novels. I really enjoyed her interview. I am honored to have her as a FB friend and am looking forward to her next release.

Misty Russon said...

Wow. I've learned things I never would've guessed about you Julie. :) You are definitely a multi-faceted Diamond in our Mine.