Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Amber Schamel is on the Mine!!

Our guest on the Diamond Mine this week is Amber Schamel. 




Welcome to the Diamond Mine this week Amber. I’d like to start by asking you a few questions about your early life. J

Thank you so much for hosting me on the blog, Misty! I’m so honored to be here.



What was it like being in a family of twelve children? I was a member of seven and that was hard to take at times.

The best way I know how to explain it is this, pick eleven of your best friends, and imagine having them all over for a sleepover. Everyday. That’s pretty much what it’s like. I love being a part of such a big family. There are times when it can be difficult, but it is all completely worth it. The comradery, the amount of work we can accomplish and the character forged is priceless.



When did you decide you wanted to be an author? I read that you were first published at 21.

I’ve always had an active imagination, and I can’t remember when I first started coming up with stories. I finished my first short when I was 16, and it was published in an online forum, I guess that’s where I was bit by the bug. J I later rewrote and lengthened that story and it became my first officially published work when I was 21 years old.


Besides a love of history in general, was there anything else that was a catalyst for you to write about it?


To me, history is alive. I see it played out in my mind as I read about it, and I wanted to bring it to life for others as well. I have also had the blessing of travelling a lot, and that also propelled me to write about the places I’ve visited. My family took me to a lot of the Civil War battlefields, and boy, if that didn’t spark some story ideas…

I’ve also visited Israel, and every square inch of that place has history on it! As I walked along the Galilee, through the ruins of cities, wove through the olive trees in Gethsemane, my mind was a whirlwind of ideas. I had no choice but to write them down.


Could you tell us a bit about your newest book? And will you be giving away a free e-book or hardcopy?

Oh, I love giveaways! I’d be happy to give an autographed paperback of The Messiah’s Sign to one of your readers. (Ebook for outside the US)

The Messiah’s Sign is the second book in the Days of Messiah Series. Here’s the back cover summary.

Dreams…they shouldn’t bother him, but when Tyrus’ worst nightmare is vindicated, he has no choice but to face reality. His wife has been unfaithful, and God has punished her with the most feared disease in the land: leprosy. Banishing her to the leper colony, Tyrus struggles to raise and protect their son. But when Malon begins following the teacher from Nazareth, what remains of their business and reputation is at stake. Can Tyrus save his son from the beguiling lies of a false Messiah before he loses the only thing he has left?



What was it like being homeschooled? I homeschooled three of my boys for three years and it was hard for me. Your parents must be real warriors. J

My parents are AMAZING. I feel blessed beyond measure to have been homeschooled. It really gave me a head start in writing, life, business, relationships, and protected me from a lot of bad influence. Because I was homeschooled, my education was tailored to what I wanted to do/be in the future, so I had subjects and classes that prepared me for that. My dad also mentors us in business and people skills, and that has been invaluable. I will definitely homeschool my children, even though it can be a tough road. I am living proof that it works.



Could you tell us a bit about being chosen to be a judge for the Genesis contest and what it was like?

When they told me I was eligible to judge the Genesis contest, I was really excited because I had entered the contest a few years ago. Even though I didn’t place, the input that I received from the judges of that contest is a big part of what took my writing to a publishable level, so I was thrilled to be able to ‘give back’ in that capacity. Let me tell you though, judging is HARD! But it is a LOT of fun to see the different up and coming authors. It was awesome to see some of the entries that I judged end up published by the next year.



Could you give those aspiring authors out there some advice, and maybe a little encouragement for the long road ahead?

First, work very hard on making your writing the best that it can be. Study the craft and make your stories shine for God’s glory.

After that, just remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Keep querying and writing because, eventually, you will find an agent or editor that sees the beauty in your work. You’ll find readers who will love you too. You can’t please everyone, so just focus on those who see the beauty in your writing.



One question I always like to ask is: What is your favorite work and why? And who is your favorite character and why?

Goodness, it is so hard to pick favorites! Is it fair to say The Bible? It is, of course, the bestseller of all time, and I find the stories in there to be very inspirational and deep. ;)

My favorite character is Jesus. He is the perfect balance and example, and yet His human side fascinates me. Can you imagine being Mary and looking up into Jesus’ eyes as He wept for her brother, Lazarus? Oh, it just raises goosebumps on my arms!



Thank you so much for taking the time to visit the Mine this week. I look forward to reading your work. J

Thanks again for having me! Can’t wait to see who wins The Messiah’s Sign!
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Amber Schamel said...

Good morning Diamond Writers! Thank you so much for having me on today. What an honor!

Peggy Trotter said...

So glad you are here Amber!

Amber Schamel said...

Thank you, Peggy! I'm certainly pleased as well. ;) I love the theme of the blog. Diamonds in the rough is certainly a great way to describe us!

Renee Blare said...

Woohoo! She's here! :)

Misty Russon said...

Thanks again for the wonderful interview!!