Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Author Betty Thomason Owens Graces the Diamond Mine!

I'm so privileged this week to welcome in Betty Thomason Owens into the cool quietness of the Diamond Mine, whom I’ve been blessed to have actually met face to face, last year. And what a sweet, genteel soul she is! Her blogs leave you feeling as fresh as gentle rain on a summer Sunday. (https://bettythomasonowens.com/) 

But her name caught my eye again when I saw her on the list of finalists of the Grace Awards. If you have a snatch of spare time, you might want to check out all the awesome writers on this list https://graceawardsdotorg.wordpress.com/.

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PT: Greetings, Betty! It’s so glorious to have you with us on this fine Wednesday. Our readers would love to know a bit about your background and how you got started writing.

BTO:  I’ve always loved books, and I’ve always been a storyteller. Mom called my stories lies. Yes, I could weave a wild tale to illustrate my reasons for not cleaning my room, or finishing my science project. But the real calling came when I was in my thirties. I’d never really considered writing, but the desire to tell stories fluttered to life and wouldn’t let me go. I began to write and couldn’t seem to stop. The stories kept coming. I self-published the fantasy novels then signed with Write Integrity Press to publish a 1920s era story (that grew into a series). A short time later, Tracy Ruckman of Write Integrity Press also sent me a contract for Annabelle’s Ruth.

PT:  I see you are very diverse in your writing, doing both Christian Fantasy and Christian Historical. There’s so many authors now dabbling in more than one genre. But which is your favorite to write/read?

BTO:  I love to read historical novels. But when it comes to writing, fantasy is sheer pleasure! I write inspirational fantasy adventure. You don’t really need to do research, because it’s all made up. There’s something so freeing about that.

PT: LOL I never would've pegged you for a fantasy writer! It must be true that calm waters run deep. And it’s obvious you love it. Now, you are amongst the finalists in The Grace Awards, and like all writers, I know getting such recognition is hard won. Were you surprised at this distinction?

BTO:  This is a reader-nominated contest, so yes, I was pleasantly surprised.

PT: Wow, incredible! How special to be nominated by your readers! So tell us a little about this novel, Annabelle’s Ruth.

BTO:  I love the biblical story of Ruth. I’ve read it and studied it numerous times. One day an idea came to me. Surely what happened to Naomi is not unique. It could happen to anyone, at any point in history. What if I wrote a story like that and set it, say…in the 1950’s? Annabelle’s Ruth was born from that idea. Annabelle is the Naomi character. As the story opens, she and her family live in San Diego, California. They are quite content until a tragic accident takes the life of her husband and two sons. She’s forced to sell her home and all her possessions and decides to return to her family in west Tennessee. Her eldest daughter-in-law resolves to go with her.
Instead of wheat, the Ruth character in the book helps with the cotton harvest. The kinsman redeemer figure owns the fields she works in. This story is also loosely based on my mother’s early experiences. Using a familiar setting helped to make the story and the characters real to me.

PT: That sounds like a fabulous read. I love that you used a Bible story as a template. Tell us, Betty, what lasting impression do you want readers to take from your books?

BTO:  A running theme in most of my writing is one of forgiveness—a by-product of love—the perfect love that comes to us from our Heavenly Father. The Book of Ruth tells a story of loss and redemption, but also of restoration. When you believe, there’s always hope and a future.

PT: Now forgive me for throwing this in, but this is one of my favorites to include on my interviews. Tell me 5 things fast about you that have nothing to do with writing.

1.  I’m quiet.
2.  I have seven beautiful grandchildren.
3.  I love to watch the sunrise.
4.  Need coffee with that.

5.  I hate scary movies.

PT: Love it! So we’re all dying to know where you’re going from here Are you in the middle of writing/editing/publishing?

BTO:  I have another book coming out in the near future—Carlotta’s Legacy, Book 2 of the Legacy Series. I’m currently writing book two of the Kinsman Redeemer series, sequel to Annabelle’s Ruth. The working title is Sutter’s Landing. There will be one more book in the Legacy series, and one more in the Kinsman Redeemer series (after Sutter’s Landing). Then I hope to have time to write the third book in the Jael of Rogan series—the fantasy novels. Jael’s fans have waited a long time, and not very patiently, I might add. But that’s a good thing.

PT:  Absolutely the best problem a writer can have! Thanks, Betty for being on the Diamond Mine. You’re a joy to get to know. Thought I'd throw in Samson for a little fun. He's actually a character in Betty's books. Besides, who can resist an adorable Bluetick Coonhound, I ask you??? Warning: #cutenessalert!

If you want to know more about Betty Thomason Owens, and I would if I were you, check out her bio and links below. If you want to cut to the chase, click here to purchase Annabelle;s Ruthhttp://amzn.com/B00ZJTFTXK

Betty has graciously decided to giveaway a copy of Amelia's Legacy (And it hasn't even hit the virtual shelves yet!!!)  Comment below and leave a email so we can contact you if you score! Boom-shakalaka!

Betty Thomason Owens writes romantic comedy, historical fiction, and fantasy-adventure. She has contributed hundreds of articles and interviews to various blogs around the Internet and is an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), where she leads a critique group. She’s a mentor, assisting other writers, and a co-founder of a blog dedicated to inspiring writers.

Her writing credits include Annabelle’s Ruth, Book 1, Kinsman Redeemer Series (2015), a 20’s era romance, Amelia's Legacy, Book 1, Legacy Series (2014), both through Write Integrity Press. Carlotta’s Legacy, Book 2 of the Legacy Series is due in the Spring of 2016. She writes contemporary stories as a co-author of A Dozen Apologies and its sequels, The Love Boat Bachelor and Unlikely Merger, (2015). She has two fantasy-adventure novels, The Lady of the Haven and A Gathering of Eagles, in a second edition published by
Sign of the Whale BooksTM, an imprint of Olivia Kimbrell PressTM.



Gail Kittleson said...

Betty, your plot sounds wonderful - so creative. The fifties- such an interesting era.
I also love your comment about needing coffee with that sunrise. I'm a tea woman, but it's the same idea. Ahhhh….
May you sell oodles of books, and may those who read Annabelle's Ruth experience a desire to check out the original
Ruth story, too.

Trixi said...

I really like discovering new authors, it expands my reading horizon :-) Your story sure sounds unique & I love Ruth and Naomi. It's one of my favorite in scripture! Thank you for a delightful author interview and giveaway chance!

teamob4 (at) gmail (dot) com

iGrannyApple said...

I see to me writers leave a little piece of theirselves in each book they write. I started reading as a preteen in order to escape from an abusive home life and still use it as an escape when I'm stressed. It has always been my dream to be a writer. Maybe one day my dream will come true.
Stinnettsue (at) gmail (dot) com

Mary M said...

I share several things in common with the author. I am quiet, I like to watch sunset, and I want coffee with that. I enjoyed reading the interview.