Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gail Pallotta Chats About Barely Above Water on the Diamond Mine

This week, we have Christian author, Gail Pallotta on the Diamond Mine. 

She’s chatting with our very own Renee Blare about her latest book, Barely Above Water, her writing life, fun, and fiction. She’s also giving away a fabulous prize to one winner so read on! Oh…don’t forget to check out how to enter the giveaway at the end of the post! Drawing’s in one week!


RB: Hello, Gail…welcome to the Diamond Mine. I’m so glad you could be here today. I hear you have a new book, Barely Above Water. Congratulations! What can you tell us about it?
GP: Thank you, Renee, yes I do. Where should I start? The main character has an illness the medical doctors can’t diagnose, so she’s told they can’t help. It appears hopeless, but by divine intervention she’s led to an alternative doctor. The story is fictitious, but it’s based on my struggle with Chronic Lyme Disease. The divine intervention, symptoms and treatments are real. However, the rest is made up. I only wish I were in my twenties.

The real doctors behind the story are David G. Lee, D.C., Ph.D., C.Ad., and Raphael d’Angelo, M.D., who’s also a holistic doctor.

Dr. Lee

David Lee, D.C., Ph.D., C.Ad., runs Wellness Revolution Clubs in Woodstock, Georgia, and Daytona Beach, Florida. To learn more about him visit http://www.pmadirectory.us/georgia/woodstock/health-practitioner/david-lee

Dr. d'Angelo

Raphael d’Angelo, M.D., and holistic doctor, runs ParaWellness Research Program in Aurora, Colorado. To learn more about him visit https://www.alliance-aromatherapists.org/tag/dr-dangelo/

RB: Lyme Disease? Whoa…I’m sorry to hear you’ve had to suffer with that. It does not sound fun at all, although your book sounds captivating. Speaking of your book, how do you keep your characters “three dimensional?”
GP: The characters become who they are by what they think, say and do. Their reactions often tell as much as their actions. Descriptions, chatter and thoughts about them from other characters help to round them out.

RB: I understand what you’re saying. So, when you’re writing and they are developing, do you have a particular “way” you write or do you just “wing” it?
GP: I start with a rough outline, an overview of the plot and brief character sketches. Then I write a rough draft of the book. While I’m doing this, the plot and characters grow and change, so I keep re-writing. Sometimes I let one of my characters journal a few pages through me. These entries don’t go in the book, but give me an idea of what that character might do in a particular situation.

RB: Cool! The journaling thing sounds pretty neat. I’ve never tried that before. I may just do that someday. By the way, why did you start writing novels? Is that all you write?
GP: I’ve written stories as long as I can remember and have always wanted to write novels. However, I’ve spent most of my life working as an editor or copywriter and an article writer. During the years I published articles, I was humbled and honored when someone nominated me for Who’s Who in Writers, Editors and Poets. I appeared in the book in 1988, and again in the 1992-93 edition. To this day, I don’t know who suggested me. In years past, I’ve written poetry on the side, sometimes getting up at night to jot down a poem, or writing one at work during down time. I recently self-published some of my poems in a book, Messages. Now that my husband’s semi-retired and my daughter’s grown, I have time to write books.  

RB: What an honor…to be acknowledged. Even if you may never know by whom. Many writers never see their dream of publishing much less recognition in such a book. If you could name your biggest challenge as an author, what would it be?
GP: Marketing, hands down. First of all, I’m computer inept, and that makes it challenging to participate in some social media. Blogging seems to have been all the rage, died down and is now making a comeback. Facebook parties appear to be waning right now and online chats don’t seem to work. I’ve tried a little paid advertising, and it seems to help some, but it’s difficult to know the right place to spend my pennies. I would love to have advice from those who market successfully.

RB: I’m right there with you, sister. I still blog and plug the social media outlets…true, not as handily as I used to (or as often). And my money is limited also so it goes to very few sources of paid advertising…very few. I personally would love to know what a “successful” marketing scheme is too! Anyway, back to your book, tells us about your setting. Is it unique and how did you select it?
GP: I chose Destin on Florida’s Emerald Coast because I love it and can’t think of anywhere more romantic. Emerald water so clear you can see through it surrounds white sand on three sides. The Gulf on one shore and the bay on the other meet near the harbor shoreline. Known as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village,” it’s a small tourist town with pristine beaches and fun activities.

RB: I’ve never been there but it sounds like a place I may want to take a vacation! LOL Who knows, I’ll read your book and may just schedule a trip. Heeheee… Do you have any hobbies or things you like to do when you aren’t working?
GP: I swim three times a week. I treasure my church and occasions I spend with family and friends. I also enjoy making flower arrangements when I have extra time.

RB: Is there a special quote or verse which comes to your mind in times of need or adversity?
GP: Romans 8: 28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”  

Thanks for sharing with the Diamond Mine today, Gail. It’s been a lot of fun! It’s also been an honor getting to know a bit more about your new book, Barely Above Water. I know anyone who reads it, including me, is going to love it! I can’t wait to crack it open. J



Gail’s giving away an e-book of Barely Above Water
8 oz. of Dark Truffle Rooibos tea from Camellia Estate Tea (tea U.S. residents).

Answer this question in the comments below to enter (leave your email please!):

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About the Book:

An illness comes out of nowhere and strikes Suzie Morris. Her boyfriend dumps her. She has no living family, and her physician can’t diagnose the malady. Suzie relies on her Christian faith as she faces the uncertainty of the disease, and turns to a renowned alternative doctor in Destin, Florida. She takes a job coaching a county-sponsored summer swim team. She’s determined to turn the fun, sometimes comical, rag-tag bunch into winners. Her handsome boss renews her belief in love, but learns of her mysterious affliction and abruptly cuts romantic ties. Later he has regrets, but can he overcome his fear of losing a loved one and regain Suzie’s trust?

Buy Barely Above Water on Amazon at Amazon.com/dp/B01DN2UTTS

About the Author:

Award-winning author Gail Pallotta’s a wife, Mom, swimmer and bargain shopper who loves God, beach sunsets and getting together with friends and family. A former regional writer of the year for American Christian Writers Association, she won Clash of the Titles in 2010. A 2013 Grace Awards finalist, she’s been a best-selling author on All Romance eBooks. She’s published four books, poems, short stories, and several hundred articles. Some of her articles appear in anthologies while two are in museums.


Gail Pallotta said...

Hi Renee,

Thanks for having me today!

Carlene Havel said...

i also love romans 8:28. As for tech savvy, if those ten-year-olds can learn it, we can too!

Gail Pallotta said...

Hi Carlene,

You're so right. LOL.

Lisa Lickel said...

I feel like I need to visit the Carolinas soon, too, as winter just won't quite let go Of Wisconsin. The cover makes me sigh, though Suzie's illness hurts so much. I already have the book.

Renee Blare said...

Hi everyone! I'm so glad you could stop by. I love Gail and I hope you can pick up her book...if you don't win it that is. (Lisa, you're too quick!)

KayM said...

I'm really interested in reading this book. My sister has severe chronic health problems that are mostly undiagnosed. My niece, who is a teenager has Lyme Disease. Gail, I know it is a struggle to deal with chronic health problems. I'm so glad you were able to find some doctors who have helped you. To answer the question, I get most of my information about books from bloggers--like Renee, and from the authors themselves. I receive many newsletters and blog posts in my email from authors and also either follow or am friends with them on Facebook. Blessings to you both...

Gail Pallotta said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for everything. Spring is finally in the air here. It can't be far behind in Wisconsin.

Gail Pallotta said...

Hi Renee,

Thank you so much and right back at you!

Gail Pallotta said...

Hi Kay,

Thanks for stopping by. I hope your sister and niece will find exactly the right help for them and feel better soon. God's blessings to both of them!

Renee Blare said...

We received this comment via the contact form:

I have a friend with Lyme disease and it's been a real struggle.

Sarah Richmond | sarahrichmondhistoricals@gmail.com

Delia Latham said...

What a wonderful interview! Barely Above Water is going to be a must-read for me. I have fibromyalgia, which I've recently learned is often a misdiagnosis for Lyme Disease. Plus, the setting sounds amazing and makes me want to hide away there. Thoroughly enjoyed the interview, Gail and Nancy!

Renee Blare said...

And the winner of this awesome giveaway is...Sarah Richmond! (A quick side note: Remember, folks, you can leave a comment on the post by clicking "anonymous" if you don't have a Blogger account or gmail! :)
Congratulations, Delia! I know you will love this book. :)