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Peggy Trotter's Diamond in the Rough (featuring The Secret Things)

Peggy Trotter's

on the Diamond Mine

Please welcome Peggy Trotter to the Diamond Mine as a featured guest author. She's a special person and for those who don't know this wonderful lady and her books, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you. She's also agreed to give away one copy of her latest and greatest, The Secret Things. This book is amazing so please don't hesitate to enter! Details about the giveaway and how to enter are after the interview! Are you ready? I am! Let's get started.


Renee: Hey, Peggy! I'm so excited to do this! I can't wait to talk about your new book and writing adventures. Why don't we start with your book, The Secret Things? How did you pick your title?

Peggy: Thanks, Renee. I'm pretty excited to be here myself. I have to say this book has been a loooonnnggg time coming! LOL I wrote this book originally about 15-20 years ago. Most of my books do not have titles until they are finished. I always write and edit with a “working title.” Deuteronomy 29:29 has always been a fascinating verse to me. It basically states that some things are meant for us to know and discover, and others, well, they are just God’s secrets. We all have secrets. True. But some block our closeness to God.  So this verse became the theme for this book. The Secret Things is just the first of a series, individual stories wrapped around some sort of secret.

Renee: What an interesting concept! I love it. We do try to hide things from God, don't we? Too bad that's not possible. I love where this book takes place. Did you pick it by some particular method? For a particular reason?

Peggy: Oh, yes! I’ve been there. The Smokey Mountains are absolutely gorgeous! I love the remoteness, the beautiful mountains, and the mystique the mist lends to the area. Plus, it’s a perfect place for a person to get…lost. So it was a perfect place for Jerrica to be discovered! And perfect for a criminal to hide.

Renee: I love the Smokey Mountains. They are amazing. I've only been there once or twice but I agree with you. They are the absolutely perfect place for your book, any book! LOL I know writing is a lot of fun, at least for us writers. Heehee. Can you share a quick, fun story about writing this particular story? What did you learn from it?

Peggy: Easy! For several years I called this novel my ugly stepchild! 😃 Let’s just say it’s been around the block. It’s had several harsh judges, none of which encouraged me to change my nickname for it. Not only that, I have seven versions of this book. (Yes, the majority of this book has been re-written and reorganized seven times!) It went from being a novella to a full-length book, from simple romance to romantic suspense. It has taken me on quite a ride!

Renee: Through it all...and I say "all" because I know you've been writing for quite a while...what writing style do you prefer?

Peggy: Visceral. That explains it all. I want to feel all the feels. I want to know what the characters are feeling, thinking, planning, fearing, imagining—everything. I think I must write that way. I know that while I write, it can be very gut wrenching. I live and feel it while I write.

Renee: I believe that is probably a good way to do it, if you ask me. Not comfortable, but good. On a more personal note, what do you do when you're not writing? Do you have any hobbies or fun activities you like?

Peggy: I have a full-time day job so I spend a lot of time doing that! But I am a very busy sort of lady, I guess. My hands are seldom idle. And I absolutely LOVE hobbies. Let me just share with you the ones I’ve been involved in over the years: knitting, crocheting (sweaters, afghans, etc.) , cross-stitch, crafting, making pillows, quilts, clothes, making jewelry, latch hooking rugs, beading, sewing Bible covers, making
Barbie clothes (yes, really), painting Scripture signs, crafting interior decorations, painting, making dolls, painting wall murals, playing numerous instruments, writing plays/poems, and any DIY project (making bookcases, refinishing furniture, building a deck, painting kitchen cabinets-twice, lol-roofing, laying flooring, dry walling, hanging drop ceilings, phew! That’s enough!) DIY still very much occupies my time! Curse this old house! 😛 Hope you enjoy a few of my projects.

Renee: Wow! You are a busy lady! I love it. I've enjoyed this time chattin' and I'm sure the folk have too. But before we go, do you think you can share why you are so dedicated to the Lord and how He continues to impact your life today.

Peggy: I would love to! As a farm girl growing up, I could always see Him in the world around me. In the intricate design of a simple flower, the complexities of the animals around me, plus their unique personalities. I always say I first met God at sunset on top of a fencepost as the geese flew south. I even painted a picture of it. So I always was aware of Him. But I didn’t completely surrender my life until my senior year of high school at church camp. At that point I felt my life take a turn, and it would never be the same. Every deed, decision, and way of life was and is filtered through pleasing God. And it has never changed. Although I fail quite frequently, I live the way I do because of Jesus Christ and what He did for me on the cross. I do as much as I can to spread God’s message, because as I tell my students quite frequently, it’s the most important decision of anyone’s life!

Renee: Thank you so much for being on the Diamond Mine an author. You are a true blessing in the Christian Fiction world as well as our little ol' Diamond Mine. I'm so happy that your very own diamond in the rough serves as a beacon for God's glory to the world.



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About the Book, The Secret Things:

Deep in the Smokey Mountains, secrets abound. Jerrica Rankin doesn't know who she is. But she's certain she isn't the woman in the wedding photo. So who is the stranger on her porch gripping this incriminating picture? How will Jerrica conquer her panic attacks and find her identity to prove he's wrong?
Brock Langston buried his wife three years ago. But he finds her, deep in the Smokey Mountains, very much alive and denying who she is. How could she have forgotten their relationship and why didn't anyone contact him? Is Jerrica really his wife? Or an impostor?

About the Author, Peggy Trotter:

When Peggy Trotter‘s not teaching or DIY-ing, she’s immersed in a story scene of some sort, always pushing toward that sigh-worthy, happy ending. 2 kids, 2 in-kids, and 2 grands delight her life as well as her Batman of 32 years whose cape is much worn from rescuing his wife from one scrap or another. Winner of the prestigious ACFW Genesis Award in 2014, she flips from Christian historical to contemporary to suspense. But ultimately, it’s always about revealing God’s incredible love.


Ann Ellison said...

Enjoyed Peggy's interview. I have enjoyed her other books and would love to win a copy of this one.

Julie b Cosgrove said...

Cool plot, Peggy. Looks like another great read by you! Congrats!

Nancy Bolton said...

Hi Peg! You and I have so many similarities! Our hobbies, the way we like to write, how we're always busy, and we both have 2 grandchildren. Pretty cool! And I've loved your stories since the first page of yours I ever read as part of the ACFW critique loop! So glad to have a connection with you. I hope we can meet some day!

Tracy Wainwright said...

Great interview! The Secret Things is definitely inticing. Look forward to reading it.

Peggy Trotter said...

Thanks ladies for stopping by! Yes, I've had several people already tell me that this book is their favorite. We'll have to see! Let me know ladies (and gents). Ann, Julie, Nancy~always a pleasure to interact with you awesome ladies! And Tracy, thanks so much for stopping by!!! I definitely hope you are enticed to read it! ;)

Renee Blare said...

Hey everyone, glad you could stop by! Ain't Peggy great? I think so. ;)